• Big Bird as Kermit the Frog
  • Rosita as Miss Piggy
  • Biff as Dr. Bunsen Honeydew
  • Sully as Beaker
  • Count von Count as Dr. Teeth
  • Honkers as Penguins
  • Herry Monster as Floyd Pepper
  • Sam the Robot as Big Bird
  • Slimey the Worm as Elmo
  • Old McDougal as Hoots the Owl
  • The Big Bad Wolf as Oscar the Grouch
  • Herbert Birdsfoot as Telly Monster
  • Elizabeth as Zoe
  • Mario (Anything Muppet) as Baby Bear
  • Don Music as Grover
  • Dexter as Snuffy
  • Deena as Alice Snuffleupagus
  • Juanita as Rosita
  • Tony (Anything Muppet) as Count von Count
  • Joey Monkey as Bert
  • Davey Monkey as Ernie
  • Horatio the Elephant as Cookie Monster
  • Trish as Lulu
  • The Oinker Sisters as Chickens
  • Fenwick la Touche as Bob
  • Adrienne Bip as Linda
  • Humphrey as Gordon
  • The Amazing Mumford as Alan
  • Snuffy as Bear
  • Alice Snuffleupagus as Ojo
  • Bug as Tutter
  • Joe and Moe Busby as Pip and Pop
  • Elmo as Treelo
  • Shelley the Turtle as Jeremiah Tortoise
  • Tina Twiddlebug as Keisha
  • Timmy Twiddlebug as Luke
  • Granny Fanny Nesselrode as Orange Puppet
  • Bruno the Trashman as Barney
  • Grover as Tigger
  • Prairie Dawn, Roxie Marie and Betty Lou as Frances, Rachel and Caroline (from ZOOM)
  • Poco Loco and Indigo as Walter and Clay Pigeon
  • Farley as Lionel
  • Judy Finstermacher as Leona
  • Jerome as Jimmy Neutron
  • Barkley as Goddard
  • Little Bird as Pablo
  • Baby Bear as Winnie the Pooh
  • Sherlock Hemlock as Steve
  • Renata Scottie as Blue
  • Mama Bear as Wide-Eyed Puppet
  • Marissa as Robotic Mouse
  • The Squirrelles as Sister Sledge
  • Madame Schwartzhead as Mrs. Frizzle
  • Garbo Gorilla as Ord
  • Merry Monster as Cassie
  • Worthington as Max
  • Little Green Riding Hood as Emmy
  • Cousin Pepe as Olie Polie
  • Moe Cocker as Spot
  • Kingston Livingston III as Charley
  • Ingrid as Judy Neutron
  • Larry Rhymie as Eubie
  • Barry Rhymie as Wayne
  • Mary Rhymie as Twinkle
  • Same Sound Brown as Kip
  • Loretta as Stephanie Meanswell
  • Billy as Ziggy
  • Maurice as Stingy
  • Susie as Trixie
  • Tommy as Pixel
  • Forgetful Jones as Theo
  • Clementine as Cleo
  • Humongous Chicken as Chicken
  • Roosevelt Franklin as Arthur
  • Smart Tina as Muffy
  • Louie and Mae as Zak and Wheezie
  • Baby Fats Domino as Tommy Pickles
  • Rocky as Chuckie Finster
  • Katie as Penny Proud
  • Bennett Snerf (person version) as Oscar Proud
  • Arlene Frantic (person version) as Trudy Proud
  • Grandmother Happy as Suga Mama
  • Wandy Marco and Meggy O'Riley as BeBe & CeCe Proud
  • Dimples the Dog as Puff the Dog
  • Bert as Frank the Koala
  • Ernie as Buster the Koala
  • Roxie Marie as Mitzi the Possum
  • Fenwick as Ned the Wombat
  • Seymour (turtle) as George the Tortoise
  • Furline Huskie as Sammy the Echidna
  • Karina the Ballerina as Josie the Kangaroo
  • Brandeis as Clifford the Big Red Dog
  • Masha as Cleo
  • Dawg the Dog as T-Bone
  • Sandy as Emily Elizabeth
  • Forgetful Jones' Mother as Caroline Howard
  • Forgetful Jones' Father as Mark Howard
  • Frank Lloyd Left as Samuel
  • Charlie (Anything Muppet) as Timmy Turner
  • Lars as Cosmo
  • Sigrid as Wanda
  • Sophie as Dora
  • Billy Monster as Boots
  • Rico (monster) as William "Bill/Little Bill" Glover Jr.
  • Jesse (Muppet) as April Glover
  • Izzy as Robert "Bobby" Glover
  • Cookie Monster's Mommy as William "Bill/Big Bill" Glover Sr.
  • Cookie Monster's Pop as Brenda Glover (née Kendall)
  • Herry's Granny as Alice the Great
  • Baby Breeze as Buster
  • Suzetta Something as Francine
  • Hard Head Henry Harris as Binky
  • Ida Nomer as Sue Ellen Armstrong
  • Segi as Fern
  • Ursula as Prunella
  • Rusty as George
  • Roberta as Catherine Frensky
  • Sally Sanchez as Jenna
  • Chip and Dip as The Tibble Twins
  • Tough Eddie as Rattles
  • Clarice as Molly MacDonald
  • The Smallest Person in the Kingdom as D.W.
  • Guy Smiley as David Read
  • Roosevelt Franklin's Mother as Jane Read
  • Tommy and Sally Wilson as Shovel and Pail
  • Helen Happy as Tickety Tock
  • Monty as Mailbox
  • Little Murray Sparkles as Periwinkle
  • Enzo as Diego
  • Walter (Anything Muppet) as Stanley Griff
  • Harvey Kneeslapper as SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Parker Piper as Piglet
  • Freddy Smith as Roo
  • Ovejita as Sidetable Drawer
  • Baby Bobby as Phil DeVille
  • Ernestine as Lil DeVille
  • Lucy Jones as Madeline
  • Annie Afghan as Genevieve
  • Biff as Bob the Builder
  • Stella as Wendy
  • Kermit the Forg as Scoop
  • Harvey Monster as Muck
  • Bruce Monster as Lofty
  • Delly Monster as Dizzy
  • Clancy as Roley
  • Frankie Monster as Tony James
  • Annette Monster as Vivian Bayubay McLaughlin
  • Junior as Dil Pickles
  • Stuie Monster as Bill Cosby
  • Sally Smith as Whoopi Goldberg
  • Murray Monster as Oswald
  • The Cereal Girl as Daisy
  • Furry Godmother as Weenie
  • Stinky the Stinkweed as Spud
  • Chaos as Pilchard
  • June Moon as Kim Possible
  • Rocky (cat) as Rufus
  • Sam (storekeeper) as Lionel Griff
  • Dr. Thad as Sportacus
  • Frazzle as Stitch
  • Elmo-noske as Peanut Otter
  • Mimsy as Jelly Otter
  • Lulu as JoJo
  • Abby Cadabby as Lilo
  • Fluffy, Orange Little Kitten and Simba as Sagwa Miao, Sheegwa Miao and Dongwa Miao
  • Tessie Twiddlebug as Liz
  • Harold Happy as Arnold Perlstein
  • Ready Betty as Dorothy Ann
  • Eddie as Ralph Tennelli
  • Hoots the Owl as Boogie-Woogie
  • Rico (robot) as Polka Dots
  • Chicago as Roar E. Saurus
  • Murray (Anything Muppet) as Skeebo
  • Anne Phibian as Croaky
  • Googel as Uniqua
  • Phoebe as Tasha
  • Narf as Tyrone
  • Mel as Austin
  • Martha as Dijonay Jones
  • Felicity as Zoey Howler
  • Vanessa as LaCienega Boulevardez
  • Snail as Gary the Snail
  • Mousey as Fran
  • Little Chrissy as Niles Rodgers
  • Polly Darton as Diana Ross


Granny Fanny Nesselrode: Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Slimey: Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Granny Fanny Nesselrode: Family, people, monsters, Anything Muppets, grouches, martians, Honkers, Dingers, birds all coming together!

The Squirrelles: We are family

Bruno the Trashman: We are family.

The Squirrelles: Brothers and my sisters with me

Grover: And yours truly! Hoo hoo hoo hoo!

The Squirrelles: We are family

Big Bird: We are family

The Squirrelles: Get up everybody and sing

Prairie Dawn, Betty Lou and Roxie Marie: Come on, zoom on, zoom on, zoom on with me!

Poco Loco and Indigo: Yeah!

Snuffy: Everyone can see we're together

Granny Fanny Nesselrode: We are together!

Farley: As we walk

Judy Finstermacher: on by

Everyone: Fly!

Little Bird: Tweet tweet!

Old McDougal: And we fly just like birds of a feather

Sam the Robot: But I can't fly.

Bruno the Trashman: I won't tell no lie

Everyone: All

Baby Bear: All of the people around us they say

The Big Bad Wolf: Can they be that close

Sherlock Hemlock: Here we go!

Rosita: Just let me state for the record

Sully: (something about to say out of his mouth until...)

Slimey: We're giving love in a family dose! Yeah!

The Squirrelles: We are family

Zoe: We are family.

The Squirrelles: Brothers and my sisters with me

Bruno the Trashman: All our names begins with B.

The Squirrelles: We are family

The Squirrelles: Get up everybody and sing

Count von Count: Clap your hands!

Roxie Marie: Living life is fun and we've just begun

Granny Fanny Nesselrode: To get our share

Bruno the Trashman: of this world's delights! Oh yeah!

Everyone: High!

The Squirrelles: high hopes we have

Bug: for the future

Trish: Yeah, come on!

Slimey the Worm: And our goal's in sight

Elmo: That's too funky.

Everyone: We!

Tony: We all got friends that we can count on!

Honkers: (Honking)

The Squirrelles: high hopes we have

Tony: And while you count on me, I'll be counting you.

Mama Bear: Oh!

Tony: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8!

The Squirrelles: We are family

Bruno the Trashman: Sam the Robot, Snuffy and me.

The Squirrelles: Brothers and my sisters with me

Rosita: Hi-yah!.

The Squirrelles: We are family

Davey Monkey: We are family

The Squirrelles: Get up everybody and sing

The Big Bad Wolf: I've been having the worst nightmare! I've been in the middle of a heart-felt anthem! Aaahhh!

Snuffy: Oh you made it!

Elmo: Hi, there!

Snuffy: So good to see all of you!

Slimey the Worm: We are family.
We are family.
We are family.

Tony: Oh ho, that's 56 brothers, 89 sisters, 13 cousins, 14 grandmothers, 12 grandfathers, 7 uncles and 261 friends! Yes! And 1 cousin 5 times removed.

The Squirrelles: We are family

Big Bird: We are family.

The Squirrelles: Brothers and my sisters with me

Count von Count: Absolutely positively!

The Squirrelles: We are family

Marissa: We are family

The Squirrelles: Get up everybody and sing

Herry Monster: Get up now! Get up and sing!

The Squirrelles: We are family

Granny Fanny Nesselrode: Come on, Bruno, so big and orange!

Bruno the Trashman: My brothers and my sisters and me!

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