Alerkina2 Movie-Spoof of Sesame Street'


Big Bird - Sid (Ice Age)

Elmo - Scrat (Ice Age)

Cookie Monster - Spyro (Spyro Ect.)

Snuffy - Eeyore (Winnie The Pooh)

Telly - Yogi Bear (Yogi Bear)

Prarie Dawn - Cindy Bear (Yogi Bear)

Baby Bear - Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes)

Abby Cadabby - June (Little Einsteins)

Grover - Skippy (Robin Hood)

Herry Monster - Leo (Little Einsteins)

Bert and Ernie - Kit and Danny (TaleSpin and Cats Don't Dance)

The Oinker Sisters - Sawyer (Cats Don't Dance) Scratte (Ice Age 3) And Trixie (Toy Story 3)

Frazzle - Lotso Huggin Bear (Toy Story 3)

Gladys The Cow - Jessie (Toy Story 2 and 3)

Wolfgang The Seal - Bullseye (Toy Story 2 and 3)

Zoe - Faline (Bambi 2)

The Count - Diego (Ice Age)

Super Grover - Super Skippy (Robin Hood TV Series)

Papa Bear - Shrek

Mama Bear - Fiona (Shrek)

Mr Johnson - Rabbit (Winnie The Pooh)

Benny Rabbit - Tom (Tom & Jerry)

Countess - Sharia (Ice Age 4)

Two Headed Monsters - Phineas and Ferb

Bruno - Arthur (Arthur)

Honker - Pal (Arthur)

Noseless Muppet - Binky (Arthur)

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