KermitTheFrogRockz's movie-spoof of Sesame Street.


Big Bird as Himself

Snuffy as Himself

Abby Cadabby as Herself

Elmo as Himself

Zoe as Herself

Stinky as Himself

Rosita as Herself

Oscar as Himself

Bert as Himself

Ernie as Himself

Grover as Himself

Kermit as Himself

Betty Lou/Prairie Dawn - Betty Lou (Sesame Street)

Forgetfull Jones - Woody (Toy Story)

Baby Bear as Himself

Telly as Himself

Slimey as Himself

Leo Birdelli - Stilts (Beanie Babies)

Barkley as Himself

Little Bird - Tweety Bird (Looney Tunes)

Placido Flamingo - Pinky (Beanie Babies)

Chicken - Gracie (Beanie Babies)

Penguin - Waddle (Beanie Babies)

Duck - Quackers (Beanie Babies)

Turkey - Gobbles (Beanie Babies)

Shelley The Turtle - Peekaboo (Beanie Babies)

Bennt Rabbit as Himself

Hoots The Owl - Wise (Beanie Babies)

Earl The Dragon - Scorch (Beanie Banies)

Simon Soundman/Mr. Johnson - Simon Soundman (Sesame Street)

Papa Bear - Boog (Open Season)

Mama Bear - Ursa (Open Season 3)

Oinker Sisters - Three Sniffs (Beanie Babies 2.0)

Herry as Himself

Natasha as Herself

Honker as Himself

Horatio - Webkinz Elephant

Fluffy - Righty (Beanie Babies 2.0)

Dinger as Himself

Humphrey as Himself

Ingrid as Herself

Goat - Goatee (Beanie Babies)

Bruce Monster as Himself

Roosevelt Franklin as Himself

Mary as Herself

Mary's Little Lamb as Herself

Director as Herself

Two-Headed Monster as Themselves

Biff - Bob The Builder

Sully - Orange Man with green shirt, blue jeans, black shoes and orange cap

Mumford as Himself

Letter B as Himself

Harry The Hopping Haystack as Himself

Fred The Wonder Horse - Horse (Big Dog Buddies)

Buster The Horse - Oats (Beanie Babies)

Wolfgang The Seal - Seamore (Beanie Babies)

Humphrey as Himself

Ingrid as Herself

Sherry Netherland as Herself

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