PixarFan360's movie-spoof of Sesame Street


Big Bird - Rocky Gibraltar (Toy Story 1)

Snuffy - Huge Red Pickup Truck Toy (Toy Story 1)

Elmo - Snake (Toy Story 1)

Cookie Monster - Rockmobile (Toy Story 1)

Abby Cadabby - Legs (Toy Story 1)

Kermit The Frog - Mutant Ducky (Toy Story 1)

Telly - Teddy (Toy Story 1)

Zoe - Female Snake (Toy Story Treats)

Bert - Sparks (Toy Story 3)

Ernie - Chunk (Toy Story 3)

Herry Monster - Chatter Telephone (Toy Story 3)

Harvey Kneeslapper and Lefty - Louis and KFC Owner (Toy Story 1)

S.A.M The Robot - Burned Ragdoll (Toy Story 1)

Grover - Troika Cat (Toy Story 1)

Roosevelt Franklin - Jingle Joe (Toy Story 1)

Murray Monster - Robot (Toy Story 1)

Stinky - Pterodactyl (Toy Story 1)

Baby Bear - Ducky (Toy Story 1)

Honker - Doodle Pad (Toy Story 1)

Count Von Count - Mr. Mike (Toy Story 1)

Rosita - Dolly (Toy Story 1)

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