Cast(DON'T EDIT!!!): Sesame Street Muppets (Dinosaur parody)

  • Kermit the Frog (From Muppets) as Aladar
  • Grundgetta (From Sesame Street) as Plio
  • Fozzie Bear (From Muppets) as Yar
  • Rizzo the Rat (From Muppets) as Zini
  • Zoe (From Sesame Street) as Suri
  • Miss Piggy (From Muppets) as Neera
  • Grover (From Sesame Street) as Eema
  • Granny Bird (From Sesame Street) as Baylene
  • Rowlf (From Muppets) as Url
  • Oscar the Grouch (From Sesame Street) as Kron
  • Gonzo (From Muppets) as Bruton
  • Other Muppets as The Dinosaurs
  • Baby Kermit and Baby Piggy (From Muppet Babies) as the orphans
  • Grover's Mommy (From Sesame Street) as Aladar's mother
  • Penguins (From Muppets and Sesame Street) as the velociraptors

Voice cast:

Roger Craig Smith as Kermit the Frog

Moira Kelly as Grundgetta

James Earl Jones asFozzie Bear

Ben Stiller as Rizzo the Rat

Michelle Horn as Zoe

Cindy Robinson as Miss Piggy

??? as Grover

Queen Latifah as Granny Bird

Bob Peterson as Rowlf

Jason Anthony Grifith as Oscar the Grouch

Bryan Cratson as Gonzo

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