A parody of the Robot Chicken episode Sesame Street Rave starring characters from Family Guy


  • Jesus as Alex
  • Peter Griffin as the Count
  • Bart Simpson (from The Simpsons) as Blade
  • Cleveland Brown as Cookie Monster
  • Stewie Griffin as Big Bird
  • Brian Griffin as Oscar the Grouch
  • Vern as Ernie
  • Johnny as Bert
  • Glenn Quagmire as Grover
  • Jasper as Elmo
  • Death as Count Chocula


[side of a building]

New Guy (Jesus): Thanks for throwing me a welcoming party, Peter! I've never been to a party hosted by a vampire before.

Peter: I do it for all the newcomers, Jesus. After tonight, I guarantee you'll be... one of us. (laugh)

[cut to inside of building, with scenarios of: Stewie and Brian partying, along with Cleveland deejaying, Vern and Johnny hugging in content, and Glenn making out with two girls.]

Jesus: I guess when our show's guests include Katy Perry and Ice Tea, it's a slippery slope. (woos in joy) Hey, Glenn! Hi, Vinny!

[blood drips onto Jesus's arm, followed by all the sprinklers leaking blood, zombifying the other Griffins]

Jesus: Oh, no! Peter! He turned you all into... to... the undead!

Peter: If you assumed I was a vampire in every other way but that, man I'd count one. One moron!

[Peter shoves Jesus onto the floor, trying to crawl away from the newly born Griffin zombies.]

Jesus: Oh, no! (runs into a yellow boy in black with shades, who is Bart) Oh, nice character intro! How long have you been here watching me urinate myself?!

Peter: Get him!

[Bart readies a shotgun, and shoots the Zombie Griffins, in order: Glenn, Cleveland, (punches Jasper, strangles Vern and Johnny, followed by bashing their heads together, and then using a sword to cut Stewie's head, but not before him saying:)

Stewie: "S" is for "severed".

[then Bart decapitates Stewie, and proceeds to attempt to shoot Brian, but the metal trash can keeps deflecting the bullets]

Brian: Ha! Flawless, built-in defense system! Wait what are you doing?!

[Bart lifts the lid, and then successfully kills Brian, followed by Peter flinging himself at Bart, who in turn holds him against a wall]

Peter: I see one, one dead... Oh my goodness, there's not a speck of blood on you. What, do you keep a pack of Handi-Wipes in that flight jacket?

Bart: No, just this. [pulls out a grenade]

Peter: One, two...

Bart: Stop counting!

Peter: That was a play-by-play. I just urinated in my own pants.

[Bart stuffs the grenade in Peter's mouth and throws him aside before Peter groans in agony for a few seconds prior to exploding. Bart then helps Jesus to his feet.]

Jesus: Wow, so I guess if you've hunted all the way here, you must have gotten every vampire in the world.

Bart: Not quite.

[cut to Death's castle]

Death: Who wants some of my Death cereal? Which if looked at from a very specific point of view is a nutritious part of this balanced breakfast!

[Bart cocks a shotgun]

Death: You!

[Bart blows Death's brains out]

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