Seth Mallory

Seth is...Seth. That is to say, he's not just Seth Mallory, but Seth (Seteh, Sutekh, Set, Setekh, etc), the Egyptian god of the desert, sandstorms, and (some say) evil. So, suffice to say, he's not the nicest guy you'll ever meet.

Related to...

Seth the man has no family in-game. Seth, the god, however, is related to Susan Faust (Bastet), Alec Crane (Thoth), Akana Bahur (Horus), Paul Kingdom (Anubis), and Jessie Blake (Hathor). I'll need a chart to tell you exactly how and a lot of that seems to depend on the phase of the moon and the time of day. Suffice to say, they're family in some form or fashion.

Grudges Against


Seth is exceedingly bitter about being stuck in a mortal's body and having lost the power he considers rightfully his. This leads him toward a tendancy to lash out at any of the reincarnated gods he comes across that he recognizes as such.

Especially hates Akana Bahur and would quite cheerfully murder her on the streets of DC in front of a hundred cops.

Ambiguous About

So he's fought with them, threatened their death, and/or tried to get them committed. He still loves them! Maybe! Or something! Namely: Paul Kingdom (Anubis) of which there are hints that these two were something else to each other in past lives somewhere and Susan Faust (Bastet) to whom he probably would've been nicer if he hadn't found her all alone in a deserted subway station.

Allied With

Probably Damion Sorosin. Seems to be working for him. But definitely has his own agenda.

Enemy Of

Definitely Akana.

Also David Matheson (Raven) who's pretty much sworn to shoot him on sight.

Has Recently Done...

Joined or started a Fight Club-esque thing in an old gym where he proceeded to beat the crap out of Jack Donovan (Hermes). Afterwards, escorted one of the guys from the club to GWU to be looked at for various injuries where he ran into Paul. Words were said, blows exchanged, and somehow, Seth ended up subdued by security and tossed in jail for the night. Upon leaving the jail the next day, he happened across Akana who he proceeded to threaten and humiliate and put the fear of God into. May have also insulted Malcolm Gibbons (Artemis). Later that evening, ran across Susan on an dark, deserted-ish Metro platform and proceeded to threaten, assault, nearly kill, then rescue her. Then he stole her purse and went off to harass David, and then beat the shit out of him enough that David ended up in the hospital for several days. Has now been given the task by Damion to get Jack into hot(ter) water.

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