Seth Masters is a character created by seth. He was created on 16 October 2005.

Writer's Guide

The following details are from Seth Masters's latest WG, posted on 17 October 2005.


Seth is 16 and 6' in height. He weighs 150 lbs. Seth has green eyes and brown, shaggy hair that sometimes covers his eyes. Seth is also fit and quite masculine. Seth commonly wears a solid green t-shirt, with blue jeans, socks, and black Nike shoes. Seth has a sports watch on his left wrist, and wears a PokéBall belt around his waist. Has a black mesh backpack in which he carries various items such as PokéBalls, a PokéNav and a Pokédex.


Seth is laid back, strong-willed and caring. Seth can appear quiet and mysterious. Seth loves adventure and is always looking for more. He's fond of green Pokémon. Seth's hobbies consist mainly of training and battling. He also likes to take days off, primarily for his Pokémon's sake. Seth prefers to take these days off near a body of water, so that he can fish. He also likes to battle the Water Pokémon he catches. Seth also cannot avoid the urge to go to adventurous places to explore for danger or trouble.


Seth lives in Fortree City, and his birthday is on 9 July. Seth is the son of Ed and Brooke Masters. His father let when he was young after the first of Seth's three sisters were born and has not been heard from him since. Seth's mother remarried Lenny Jones, a respected contractor in Fortree who supported the idea of preserving the area. Lenny is the father of Seth's step-sister Faith. Seth has a middle sister named Sydney. Lenny helped Seth to catch his first Pokémon. Seth recently saved enough money to start a Pokémon journey.

Ambitions and Goals

Seth hopes to one day be recognised the world over as a Pokémon master.


Gex (Treecko)

Lenny helped Seth to catch this Pokémon, which was Seth's first. Gex is very energetic and loyal. His hasty nature often cause him to act without thinking and sometimes leads him to trouble. He trusts Seth deeply and would follow him anywhere and do anything for him. Gex is Seth's strongest Pokémon.

Gex is at level 21.

Gex's attacks:

  • Bullet Seed
  • Screech
  • Quick Attack
  • Pursuit

Leon (Kecleon)

Leon has a brave nature. He is afraid of nothing and won't back down from a challenge. Seth likes this in Leon, and he uses him in many battles. Seth found Leon in the woods outside of Fortree while training with Gex. Leon was young and had been left behind by the group of Kecleon. Seth took Leon in and has raised him since. Leon is very loyal to Seth.

Leon is at level 19.

Leon's attacks:

  • Secret Power
  • Psybeam
  • Lick
  • Faint Attack

In The PokéWars!

No story has ever been written for Seth Masters.

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