Seti I Shadim
Seti I Shadim
Darth Seti I Shadim
Sith Lord
High Alchemist, Necromancer, Diabolist.
Torture. Pain. Suffering. Woe.
I’m going to have to hurt you on principle.
Me oportet propter praeceptum te nocere.
6’ 4”
185 lbs.
Strong but extraordinarily flexible.
I refer to myself as 43 standard years of age. I am 90 years old technically. 47 of which were spent in a Sith trance. (Suspended animation) Physical appearance is of a 30 year old human male.
Hair color 
Long black hair. ( braided)
Eye color 
Dark red. Result of early alchemy mishap. Did not alter vision permanently, although caused blindness which lasted one year. Eye color change was permanent however.
Body alterations 
Sith amulet implanted on back of right hand.
Normal attire 
Black boots, loose leather pants, crimson collarless shirt( comparable to an Indian shirt),gauntlet gloves, longish black leather vest, a Jedi belt( I took it from my father's assassin after I liquidated him.) a very large long and flowing black hooded robe. On the Jedi belt is hooked both lightsabers and the Sith dagger. A single medallion made of an unknown black metal which depicts twin dragons.
Jabir I Lambda-class shuttle.[1] Used primarily for scientific and archaelogical expeditions.
Jabir I Imperial Shuttle


Seti's weapons
My weapons are two curved hilted lightsabers. Both blades are red colored. Standard non-altered length. The hilts are curved smooth, molded & silver colored. I have altered them only by painting of various glyphs on them. They can be joined together to form a double lightsaber. I rarely fight in this style.
Lightsaber forms: Makashi Master, Jar'Kai(Mastered)
Sith Dagger 
I carry a Sith dagger which is mostly ornamental. It does have its use since when utilized it is a poison dagger. The poison I have a personal immunity to. It is a straight dagger. The edges of the blade are jagged with teeth directed away from dagger point. So if the blade were to enter a body, it rips flesh when pulled out. The poison is incorporated into the metal itself, so if it is stolen whoever touches it will absorb the poison into their skin. The poison causes the blood vessels & cells to expand. To die quickly is a gift. Some have lingered hours in pain until their hearts and organs burst.

Force abilities

I. Skilled in single and double lightsabre fighting: More skilled with two lightsabres than with one. Duels in the Force, meaning does not depend upon physical eyes alone. Thus can fight equally in lit or dark conditions. ( Outcome of blindness when younger)

II. Lightsaber form: I have studied Makashi my entire life. I was initially trained by my uncle, Darth Tyranus until his death.I have attained mastery in Niman and Jar'Kai. Thus, this enables me to utilize twin bladed Makashi in combat.

III. Force push/pull/cloak/choke: All standard Sith Lord level abilities.

Unique Force abilities

IV. Death cloak: Like cloaking in the Force but is cloaking in death. Invisible to vision and cannot be perceived through the force. It was a survival trick created to avoid being captured by Jedi/Dark Jedi while living in the Sith Tomb ruins on Korriban. Learned this from the Sith holocron that Count Dooku possessed for a time.

V. The Dead Gods of Hoth: Summoning the Dark Side in the form of extreme cold. Directed by hand or hands, it freezes as quickly as liquid nitrogen if within 3 meters. This ability can be used on all mechanical or electronic devices. It cannot be used on any higher life forms. ( It can be used for hunting for food, as an example though)

VI. Electric Averse: The ability to reach out with the Force, in all directions in a single room, & reverse the electric or energy polarity of all mechanical devices. This destroys devices permanently.

VI. Sith Alchemical implant: Amulet fused on right hand. Normally concealed by black glove. With the application of thought, amulet allows hand to transmutate into the right hand of any being that has lived. The hand must be of a realistic sized being & must be organic.

VII. Resurrection: Unique discovered magical skill. Physical immortality. In the context of RP, can be killed but body will resurrect after a reanimation period of one to two weeks.


  1. Jabir I → named after the infamous Terran Alchemist.

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