Settlements are a large aid in mining expeditions. The more settlements the player governs or joins, in addition to the more the player's alliance governs, the higher chance of finding mother lodes at volcanoes and ruins scattered around the world map.

If the player finds a settlement, the player may either: Scout, Attack, or Join. If the player attacks the settlement successfully, they will then govern the settlement. The defense of the settlement depends on the defense of the governor. For example, if the owner has level 5 defense, all the settlements they govern will have level 5 defense. If the owner upgrades to level 6 defense then, all the settlements they govern will then have level 6 defense. The Security level of the governor also applies to all of the settlements.

If the player finds an unsettled settlement, they may take it over, and they will then govern that settlement until a fellow player manages to take over the settlement.

The chance to find a mother load has a limit of 150 "points". This modifier is calculated from the number of settlements that you govern, join, or are governed by an alliance member. One governed settlement counts as 1 point. For every settlement your alliance owns is 1/25 a point. For every settlement you join is 1/10 a point. It is unknown if this is true, though.

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