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Seven Little Australians is a play written by Anne Scott Pendelbury. It is based on a novel with the same name by Ethel Turner.


Act I

The children are introduced by Meg one by one. They are then seen to be having dinner in the garden. After lots of begging for food and a rude comment from Judy, the Captain (their father) punishes them by giving the pantomime tickets to the Digby Smiths, a family hated by the Woolcot children.

Judy attempts to get her own back by planning a mischevious outing, which only gets her into deeper trouble. For this, she is punished by being sent to boarding school.

After Judy's departure, Aldith sets up a prank in an attempt to get Meg and Alan together. Meg's frightful reaction causes Aldith's plan to fail.

The Captain is furious to discover that Judy is home from school and has been for a week.

Act II

It takes a while for Judy's illness to pursuade the Captain to let her stay home. Mr Gillet suggests that "the girl could do with a holiday," which, after much pursuasion, the Captain agrees to. He stays behind and misses the family.

Tragedy strikes when Judy is killed by a falling branch on the holiday. The loss changes the family's lives for ever:

- The Captain becomes lighter hearted on the kids.

- Meg and Alan get together.

- Bunty doesn't eat as much as he used to.

- Pip has become sullen and moody.


Tickets are avaliable at the Wangaratta Performing Arts Centre Box Office and website (see the See Also section).

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