1. Hafu's Cranky Friends
  2. Junk Robot's Makeover
  3. Wayward Kopeke
  4. Pohatu Runs Dry
  5. Calm Downn Sololy
  6. Steamie Steamor
  7. Lewa's Hero
  8. Greny's New Friends
  9. the Switch
  10. Not, Now Jaltter
  11. The Lost Mask
  12. The Takua Way
  13. The Phanton Toa
  14. Tamaru's Lucky Day
  15. Nuru or Entorek?
  16. Too Many rescue Toa
  17. No Snow for Takua
  18. Santa's Little Matoran
  19. The Missing Christmas Decorations
  20. The Frozen Turntable
  21. Takua's Shortcut
  22. Away From the Sea
  23. No More Mr. Nice Toa
  24. The smelly Fishy
  25. Gone Fishing 
  26. The Afternoon Tea Express

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