Severus Prime is the moon of a gas giant planet in a solar system with two suns. Orginally colonized under the authority of the United Republic of Earth, it became a bastion of human-supremacist movements who opposed friendly relations between the United Republic and alien races and artificial intelligence for robots and computers. Severus Prime also was a base for ultraconservative elements of the United God Movement as well as radical elemets who wanted the human race united under an aristocratic elite, viewing the professional politicians of the United Republic's Senate as hopelessly corrupt. Over seven centuries ago, the founders of the Mantis Lords, joining forces with human supremacists, ultraconservative elements of the United God Movement, rogue elements of the United Republic's military and business/corporate community, and disaffected ordinary human citizens of the United Republic, launched a rebellion to overthrow the Republic and establish ruled by an aristocratic elite, and used Severus Prime as their headquarters. Though the Mantis Lords failed to overthrow the United Republic of Earth, they did success in creating their own interstellar/interplanetary nation, with Severus Prime as it's capital. This world's surface is over 90 percent land, though with a tropical, warm, humid climate and lush green vegetation.

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