Seymour's Scientific Movie is a fan-fiction film created by Pikachufreak.


  • The movie starts with Seymour waking up at 7:00am one morning. Waking his brother Arnold up, the two rush into the kitchen, where Arnold's Mom and The Construction Director have cooked delicious pancakes. After eating them, Seymour and Arnold head outside and meet Oswald. Seymour and Oswald sing Being A Genius as they walk along. In Eve's room, she has just worn her normal outfit and is humming a little tune when April O'Neil appears, she explains that she will take her Reality Check business and the french archaeologist agrees. Meanwhile, in Mandi's room, he and Bianca are doing dance lessons as they sing One Astounding Day. Madeleine appears and congratulates Mandi on doing it well. Meanwhile, in Ruby's room, she is busy polishing her grapefruits when Winry Rockwell, Liza and Milly Ashford appear. The three explain that Luana, Nina Einstein, Clair and Jinx (from G.I. Joe: Sigma 6) are having a party and that Captain Aidan, Edward Elric, Tad and Kei Kusagani are helping Drake, Casey Jones, Lance and Duke (also from G.I. Joe: Sigma 6). All the girls race to meet their boyfriends, not noticing Modok and The Mandarin. Some days later, Oswald meets Pete Pebbleman and Luna Carson who know how tough they do. Mandi somehow meets up with his older brother Fiorello Cappucino who is with Sakura Haruno. Fiorello tells Mandi that he's a clever man and Seymour likes his rival's brother. Later, Eve arrives at the garden and busily plants them while singing Flowers, Flowers, Flowers. Back on the other side, Arnold meets Eve's sister Madeline (from Madeline) who tells him that she is a french redhead. Arnold accepts the date with her and they begin to hang out. Back at home, Arnold's Mom and The Construction Director discover that the costume party starts tonight and Eve's best friend Botan and her boyfriend Kurama (both from Yu-Yu Hakusho) appear. The two explain that they will enter the costume party as well and Seymour's parents agree. That night, the costume party starts and Seymour is shown singing It's A Perfectly Wonderful Life. However, the costume party is cut short when Modok and The Mandarin make an entrance. Mandi decides to send the two packing and he did. After that, the film finishes with Eve kissing Seymour on his cheek.



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