Meaning: Animal from Seymour
Creature type: Reptiliomorph amphibian


Time Period: Permian
Locality: North America, Europe
Family:  ?
Related species: Diadectes

Seymouria was a large amphibian that was suited to survive in a desert.

Seymouria was a reptiliomorph, the link between amphibians and reptiles. The reptiliomorphs could survive without being near water longer than any other amphibians, although they still layed eggs with soft casings (like frog spawn). The reptiliomorphs could survive in harsher enivronments, like deserts (where water is scarce).

The reptiliomorphs descended from Anthracosaurs (Proterogyrinus), but they lived in the lush coal forests of the Carboniferous. Seymouria lived in the Permian, where forests barely existed.

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