Shadala is an Exile. She is a jet-scaled Nogan with icy blue eyes and a blood-red diamond tattoo on her right shoulder. Shadala is most often seen in a black jumpsuit that can blend into its environment.


Shadala Nightfall was born to Dorynth and Eitha Nightfall of the Plain Clan. She was born with an incredible aptitude in weapon use, although her parents constantly wished she would use that gift to serve Nogah- or even better, get rid of it entirely, as a temple archivist (Dorynth and Eitha's hoped career for Shadala) that could fight was unheard of and, in some people's views, illegal.

However, Shadala kept on using weapons and sparred with the males of her village, who she beat every single time. Shocked at her ability, the Nogan became the object of affection of nearly all the males in the area.

When she was fourteen, Shadala's village came under attack by a group of Exiles. Her parents were killed by Qymaen, who was just starting out as an Exile and spotted Shadala for the first time. However, he was so enfatuated by her appearance running illuminated by the moon in the night sky that he let her escape. This incident has assumedly been forgotten by Qymaen and, if he still remembers killing Shadala's parents, he certainly doesn't show any sign of revealing this to Shadala anytime soon- she has no knowledge of what Qymaen did.

Shadala then became a nomad, traveling from village to village to teach young Nogans how to defend themselves with hopes that others would not have to go through what she went through; instead, they can be ready to fight off attackers when the time comes. However, while scaling a rock face to reach a village, she fell and hit her head on a rock. Subsequently, when she awoke a few days later, Shadala's mission was completely erased from her memory.

Thus, when she met Knife one week later, he taught her how to hone her skill in fighting, specifically with knives. During the month that followed, Knife developed slight romantic feelings for Shadala and gave her several knives, one with a heart-shaped hilt that he crafted especially for her, although Shadala wasn't aware of his feelings at the time. When Knife mentioned the Exiles, Shadala immediately joined as she did not know the name of the group who attacked her village.

The jet-scaled Nogan quickly rose through the ranks and experienced a brief romantic relationship with Knife before being asked to join the Daggerstrike Squadron. Shadala accepted, and was sent on a mission to determine if she was worthy of membership in the squadron. She completed her mission, the assasination of a small resistance group against the Exiles, in record time and was welcomed into Daggerstrike Squadron and given a blood-red tattoo in the shape of a diamond that signified membership.

Shortly after joining the squad, she became romantically linked to Wraith, a fellow member of the squad. However, feeling that a relationship within Daggerstrike Squadron would disrupt the team dynamic of the group, she left Wraith after seven months.

Several months later, Shadala arrived on Terros-Nui to aid the Exiles already there in their eradication of the Pure Nogans. There, she met Qymaen again (who she had encountered numerous times beforehand) and revealed she had romantic feelings for him.


Recently, with the shipment of eight Krillitines to Crystal Chasm, the Ko-Terros Exile base, Shadala has chosen a jet-skinned female Krill as her steed. Named Sundavra, this beast seems to have touched a soft spot of Shadala's, and is lavishly spoiled- even having her own pen apart from the other Krills.


  • Various knives and daggers, including one with a heart-shaped hilt crafted for her by Knife
  • The ability to manifest and manipulate shadow energy
  • A jumpsuit that allows Shadala to blend in with her environment

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