Age: Unkown

Speices: Shadeling

Blood Type: AB

Shade appears as a 7-foot tall youth.


Shade is cruel and sadistic, and completley insane! He is psychotic and laughs like the madman he is! Shade is brutal towards others, even his own allies! Shade likes to make sarcastic, and dark jokes about everything and everyone around him.



Shade originates from an alchemy world. Shade was a shadeling, a type of shapeshifter. Who that he was mistrusted and hated by others. He was an excellent alchemist, even proving to be a better alchemist than Edward! He fell in love with a girl named Miramay. She loved him too, and their love would last forever and ever. But ther love was met with tragedy, for the powerful Church, who deemed shadelings were evil, deemed all alchemy to be heretical and alchemists exterminated. Shade and Miramay ran for their lives. They spent most of their lives living together in the mountains. But one fateful night, a band of zealots attacked them. Miramay died in the fight. Shade went berserk and brutally killed them, and insulting their religion while doing so.

After the fight, Shade took Miramay's lifeless body into the shack they lived in. There he performed the alchemical taboo, human transmutation. Shade's world alchemy was superior to all other alchemical worlds in this part of the galaxy. He study human transmutation for a long time, and believe he managed to perfect it. His human transmutation was suppose to be perfect. He had eveything, an intact body, objects of past, human composition, and even her soul! His transmutation was suppose to bring Miramay back to life. It both succeed and failed. Miramay was brought back to life, but not the girl she was.

Their was a large explosion and Shade found him horrible scarred. He looked to where miramay's body was, and saw a pile of melted flesh. At first he thought the transmutation was a failure, but than Miramay rose from the pile naked. Shade was full of happiness, until Miramay turned around and shade saw her eyes. Miramays body was perfect. She looked the way she did when she was alive. The only difference was the eyes. After looking into those eyes Shade saw blood-lust, and an urge to kill. Shade was horrified. Miramay walked over to him, and kissed him on the lips. After that she smiled and walked out the house. Shade was still in shock, but decided to follow Miramay. He follow her all the way to the religious city that driven them out. Once he reached the city, he saw horror.

The city was burning. Bodies were scattered everywhere. Blood and pieces of flesh and organs were everywhere. People were impaled against the wall, and the heads of young ones were crushed against hard rocks. In the center of the city he found Miramay, still naked, and sitting on top of a pile of butchered corpses, and covered in blood. She smiled at Shade. Shade thought this "beast" couldn't be Miramay, but the sad truth was it IS her. His human transmutation was perfect in bringing her back to life, but it twisted her soul, and turned her into a monster, in more ways than one.

A survivor tried to kill her with a pistol, but the bullets just merely went thrugh her. Miramay was still alive and look at the survivor. It was the very man who drove Shade and Miramay out of the city. Miramay appeared to warped right in front of him, and piecred him with huge talons she created from her hands. The sight shocked Shade as he watch Miramay tear the survivor to pieces with her bare hands. He brought Miramay back, but created a monster.

When Miramay wasn't looking Shade ran away. Using his shape-shifting skills he got far away from the city as possible. He was on top of a hill overlooking the city, he saw it being burn to a crisp, and heard more sceams of terror. Shade refused to belive that monster was Miramay. He went insane over what he did, and then a voice spoke out to him. He turned around and saw E.D.

Shade was recruited into the Dark Army. He is now one of the Dark Army's most sadistic agents. His postion is somewhat below the Big 4. Unbekownest to him, Miramay has also been recruited into the Dark Army. This has been left unkown to both of them. And is the only secret that ED is keeping from Shade.

Author Fighters


Gear Grind

Other Abilities

Like all Shadelings, Shade is a shapeshifter. As with the norm of his species, he turns into girls more often then guys.


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