Shadow is an active veteran, but not a founder, of the HBSC. Shadow is a very random and sometimes annoying person. He is also known as the "Kissass" and is the most recent recent moderator in the staff, despite being there longer than hawk. Shadow is also a veteran and the bar steward of the H3BC. His allegiance lies with the H3BC first and the HBSC second; though he will gladly defend both. His alias on GameFAQs is ShadowDemon99. He considers all H3BC and HBSC members as own interwebz family; except for Phobos and sorcererking. Hates trolls, noobs and racists. Lives in Anchorage, Alaska and is the youngest member on the site, just recently turning 13. Hobbies include video games, using the Internet, football, basketball, rap and eating. You can usually find Shadow waving his Asian Pride flag randomly in topics.

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