Hero Name: Shadow's Grip

Legal Name: Sara Ann Blake

Age: 27

Birthplace: Paragon City, Rhode Island

Marital Status: Single

Rank: Patroller

Fighting Style: Defender

Weapon of Choice: Dark Miasma / Negative Energy

Origin of Powers: Mutation

Code Name: @Takeda

Special Accolades: Vanguard Medal, Freedom Phalanx Reserve Member

Born Sara Ann Blake to William and Ingrid Blake of Paragon City, RI. Mutant powers first manifested at age 16 when she and her parents were victims of an abduction attempt by minions of Dr. Vazhilok. Sara's natural ability to manipulate negative or "Dark" energy surprised the attackers and foiled the attempt. Flagged for hero potential by Paragon City Police Department shortly after the incident (Reporting Officer: Detective Brogan, Jose Badge Number: PPD 145231).

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