Shadow-Heart Members

The Triple team that Sage, DJ and Moa made together. The members are a multitude of warriors, each with either magical or a mystical connection.

Jason Blood/Etrigan the Demon

The demon of the Underworld that talks in rhymes. With demonic powers that include flames, super streanth and other demon powers. His alterego is Jason Blood, the forever young host of Etrigan.

It is unknown how DJ convinced Jason to become part of the team, but he did. The demon is known to say everything in rhymes, making him very confusing to his enemies. His appearance is very strange, consitering his powers.


Redge Koon

Grandson of Plo Koon and a Jedi Knight. He is also known as the "Copy Cat", since he can copy any type of Force powers. He is of the Kel Dor race, he is really strong with the Force. Being young, he can be a bit rebelious, but he is a good team mate.
Redge Koon

Redge Koon


Hero of Time, and also a great swordsman. With the Master Sword in hand, and also the Triforce of Courage, he is a powerful warrior. His partner is a fairy named Navi, which gives him advice in battle.


Junior and Minnie

Grim Jr. and MiniMandy

Grim Jr.

Son of the Grim Reaper and a woman named Mandy, he has all of his father's powers and a lot more. His main weapon of choice is a scythe, and you know your in trouble when fighting him.


Junior's little sister and a great female warrior as well. She is the daughter of Mandy and a man named Nergal Jr.


Hecate (powering up)


Not much is known about this girl, only that she is powerful and also a sage.

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