Courts of Raem




The Shadow of Raem itself sits at the "physical" center of the Courts. The main feature of note is the city and castle of Maed, home of King Fenric Kael and thus also the political center of the Courts. Maed sits upon the river Asris in the foothills of the Zhole mountains. Interestingly, shadow travel within the confines of Maed city is especially difficult, even for those with access to Logrus or Pattern. Much as Amberites must move away from their beloved city of Amber to move in shadow, so must Raemins.

Several roads lead out from the city of Raem. To the East, is the Silver road, which follows the Asris river and leads a shadow walker towards Naili. To the West is the Grey road, which continues through the hills and up into the Zhole mountains to Koradin.

A traveler who does not, or cannot, follow the shadow road will find the cities of Urmandor, Maed's port on the sea, or Zharith beyond the mountains- a fortress town left from ancient wars with tribes in the grasslands beyond. Zharith now acts as capital to much of the continent beyond.

Maed itself has a complex underground. A mixture of sewers, accessways, and tunnels, these excavations encroach in places on older catacombs. Called, collectively, the Labyrinth, they seem to twist and rearrange themselves slowly, though the deeper one explores the less stable their relative position becomes. Rogues and shady characters of all sorts make use of them for secret meetings and swift travel, though even these sorts fear to explore too deeply. It is rumored that those who plumb deeply enough into the depths may gain the power to find Courts of Raem: Shadow Paths... if they do not become lost forever.

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