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I'm ShadowDJ, a half human, half Imp-Demon that can beat any baddie to come my way.

Powers: can countrol darkness, can create dark magic, and can summon demons of great powers, can fly, I also have super human abilities, and I can also change shape at will.

Appearance in hero form: Black skin under a skin-like robe, glowing green eyes, claws with green lights on them, black shoes, brown hair, and also sharpen teeth, and I can also turn my robe into a pair of nightmarish black wings.

Appearance under robes: same as the skin, eyes, claws, and shoes and hair and teeth, but I also a tail with a razor-sharp tail with a syte-like tip, also has blue size 46 jeans, a black belt, also wears a polo-shirt, and also has a marking that looks like a eye on my forehead.

Personality: nice and curious, but can be testy when I want to

I also hate that Jerk Drake, I mean, come on, he tried to kill you and your pals so many times, it makes me sick, and that also goes for the rest of that crazy dude's team, and I'll like pumbling that darkside's team into the ground, but I mainly want to keep the balance in check here.

Voice Actor: Nolan North

DJ as Ryuki

DJ as Ryuki

Other Forms

Darkus Kilish

He is the inner evil of DJ's. He used to be a Student of the Grim Reaper. He has all of DJ's powers, but they are more powerful since he had them first. He is best known to be killed by a angel for almost attacking heaven.

He looks like a older version of DJ, except without the markings, and also has blue flaming hair, and also has a evil look in his red eyes.

He also had a different looking scythe at first, but it was changed when it broke.

Feral Mode

A more animal-like form of DJ's. This form gives DJ more speed and agility, along with the ability to breat out green flames. He also talks in a more animal-like in tone. His stnance makes him looks animal-like, since he is on all fours and is also very deadly, since he gets more bloodlust then a werewolf in this form.

Ryuki survive

Ryuki in Survive form

Kamen Rider Ryuki

After getting the form from The Shadow Synicate, it made him the newest Kamen Rider Ryuki. The belt gives him three forms; Blank, Kamen Rider, and Survive. By activating the belt, with a reflective surface, and saying "Henshin", DJ is able to turn into the Kamen Rider Ryuki!

He has a deck full of cards, each with a different power. Here are some.

Sword Vent: Makes a sword appear.

Final Vent: Dragredder and Ryuki do a tag-team attack at their foes.

Attack Vent: Can make a red Dragon, named Dragredder, appear,

Strike Vent: Can make another gauntlent appear so he can make a burst of fire.

Full powered form

In this form I have a longer black robe, large set of multi-colored bat wings, red eyes with a green pupil, green areas are different colors,I also have spikey boots, and also have a strange symbol on my left arm. My powers are the same, but are 100 times stronger (well, not as strong as DM or any other expieranced member, ofcorse), and I can also summon twin swords that can summon elemetal powers. The Bakugan Guardians gave me this form as the protecter of the Bakugan Six, so this form Is what happens when Dragon and his friends combine their powers with me, and when I'm in this form, I think I'll be a little change for Drake, as long that he is fighting by himself, of corse.


Weapon of choice: Scythe, a magic spell book, and my Bakugans.



Scythe /Shadow-Wave

DJ's main weapon. Heavy in weight, but is swift in battle. Can trap energy for future use. His scythe can also be used to wipe seal away evil souls. He can also use it to teleport away to other areas, like the Underworld and many other places. It also holds Darkus's soul inside of the blade.

Kamen Rider Belt and Advent Deck

The way he can change into Ryuki, since it's a Kamen Rider weapon, he is still being taught to control it.

Ryuki Belt


Lucifer (full powered)

Darkus Dragonoid/Lucifer

The Bakugan Guardian of DJ's. He is a old, powerful and wise Bakugan that has been around awhile. He is best known to have Darkus versions of Drago's powers. He looks a bit like Drago, only older and with a scar over his eye. They met when DJ was in Vestroia, where the old Dragoniod wasn't really fond of DJ. But after beating the Vexos member, Shadow Prove, the two of them stayed partners when DJ went back to the human realm, making Lucifer the ambasitor of Vestroia for Earth.

Ablilty cards: Shadow Dragon: Makes a flame made of shadows.

Dark Shield: Makes a sheild out of shadows and ghosts to protect himself from attacks.

Darkness Tornado: Makes a shadow wave of energy at his foes.

Strike Dragon: Makes himself stronger, and then shoots out a blast made of purple lightning fire.

Shadow Tornado Barrier: It makes his foes weaker by the minute.

Moon-light wave: Makes his foes weaker while he gets stronger.

Shadow Power: Makes the enemy get back to their original power, while he gets stronger.

Fusion abilities: Darkus Dragon Burst: It makes a powerful force of Shadows, Energy and white light out his chest and wipes out his oppedent in one shot.

Darkus Blast: Makes a absorbstion made from the shadows, making his enemies weaker.

Maximus Lucifer

After DJ gained the upgrades for Maxus Dragonoid, it gave Lucifer the ability to change into Maximus Lucifer, making him the ultimate Darkus Dragonoid. He combines with copies of Garkus Hound (Subterra), Dark Hound (Darkus), Grafias (Aquos), Brachium (Hoas), Spitarm (Ventus), and Spyderfencer (Pyrus). He also gains a large appearance, a mixure of robotic Bakugans and a real Bakugan. His mixure of powers makes him really strong. He gains this power with the help of Dan Kuso, who gave DJ the copies of Drago's upgrades to him.

Ability Cards: Strike Shadow: He sends out a blast of energy, making his enemies weaker.

Aquos Blaster: A blast of water shoots out Garfias, sending his enemies flying.

Hoas Drain: Brachium uses some light to drain his enemy's energy.

Pyrus Blaster: Sends a blast of fire right out of Spyderfencer, scorching his enemy.

Necro-Dragon" Makes ghost absorb the energy out of his oppodent, making them weaker.

Fusion Abilities: Three-Way Power: Uses his Ventus, Darkus and Subterra powers, making making three-way blasts at his oppodent.

Elemental Blast: A blast made from all six elements, which makes Lucifer send out a blast of energy, knocking his enemies and wiping them out.

Main Bakugans

Darkus Laserman: Used to belong to Masqurade, and is now one of DJ's Bakugans that he uses in battle.

Darkus Seige: a knight bakugan that DJ uses sometimes.

Darkus Fear Ripper: Not normally used, but DJ does own this.

Darkus Harpus: One of DJ's few talking Bakugans that isn't his Guardian Bakugan.

Darkus Exedra: one of his teammates in Team Underworld can also be used in battle, since he needs some back up sometimes.

Darkus Reaper: A ex-evil Bakugan that turned over to the good side a few years ago.

Darkus Stinglash: a less used Bakugan that DJ uses.

Darkus Goblinball: a Bakugan that DJ saved from Shadow Prove.

Darkus Hammersaur and Darkus Anchorsaur: a duo that he uses a lot when he first went to Vestoria, and also gained to use them in the human realm when ever he is training agianst the brawlers.

Darkus Moskeeto: A giant insect Bakugan he gained from Shadow Prove.

Darkus Pythantus: Bakugan Trap he normally uses when he needs something to take down his enemies.

Maximus Lucifer's armor-making Bakugan

Darkus Dark Hound: DJ's Bakugan Trap. This hound is one of the few Trap Bakugans that can speak freely. He is also the part of Maximus Lucifer, as the left leg.

Subterra Garkas Hound: Dark Hound's partner and best pal. DJ uses this robotic trap to create Maximus Lucifer's right leg.

Aquos Grafias: A giant red and blue robotic worm-like creature that combines with Lucifer ot become Maximus Lucifer's right arm.

Hoas Brachium: A giant red and yellow worm-like robot that becomes Maximus Lucifer's left arm.

Ventus Spitarm: a red and green hoverboard-like creature that becomes the leg area of Maximus Lucifer's armor.

Pyrus Spyderfencer: a red and orange six-limbed spider-like robot that makes the chest plate of Maxumus Lucifer's armor.

DJ's Partners


Rio the Lucario

Fang the Vulpamancer

The largest Vulpamancer in history, and also the most tame. He is a fun loving alien dog that loves nothing more then to mess around with his master, DJ. after DJ saved him from poachers, he and DJ were inseperable. His main powers include super human stregth, speed, agility and senses, along with quill shooting from his back. His appearance included dark orange skin, sharp fangs, a brown collar with a tag on it, along with purple tiger stripes on his back.

Daimen and Claw

Twin Charas that represent DJ's other personalities. The two are really tough little guys, but they are nothing like DJ at all, more like either Darkus or Feral DJ.

Daimen: A mini-Darkus with a black cloak and green fire for hair, along with a little sickle attached to his thigh. This little guy likes to flirt with girls, since Darkus is a bit of a ladies man back in the day. But the one he enjoys flirting on more is Koousan, his girlfriend.

Claw: A mean little imp with animal-like personality. His main look is like Feral DJ, only iwth a ripped robe and also long spiky hair, along with silts in his eyes. His puppy personality got the attention of Koinu, a younger sister to Koousan. The two got into a relationship, since the two had a lot in common...expect for the animal thing.

Speckles the Mole

A star nose mole that has a ingenius IQ. This poor critter had his family gassed before he was saved and trained by a man named Ben, who intrusted DJ with taking care of the mole. Ever since, when DJ needs some high-tech info, Speckles is who he calls. Since his star-shaped nose gives him an unslightly appearance, he's called ugly because of it, not including DJ's girlfriend Kurmu Kuruno, who thinks the nose makes the little guy cute in a way, and Yukari, who likes to play with him. He seems to get along well with Fang (not including a time when the Vulpamancer almost ate him).


DJ also has a Digimon partner. This trickster Digimon is very skilled in battle. His claws and hypnotism powers make him worthy to fight, as well as his fangs. His main attacks are Undead bite, which involves his fangs, and a hypnotism attack. His other froms include Sangaloupmon, Metadormon, and GranDracmon.


A Maltes Tiger that DJ and Kitten befriended when saving a baby Dragon from the evil Piecemeal. He is very strong and fast, and is also very intelegent. He is best known to give luck to those he likes, like DJ and Kitten, and bad luck to those he hates. His strange eye color, a dark violet color, created his powers in the powers he has

Pokemon team

I also have a group of Pokemon


Main Pokemon of choice. He is the first Pokemon that DJ got. He is a determent Pokemon that knows many strong moves, like Aura Sphere and Brick Breaker. He also has a telepathic connection to DJ. He also is attracted to Hikari's Lucario, Hinata. Mostly because they both share different fur colors, she had a light lavander color on her fur while the black parts on a normal Lucario on Rio is a dark silver color.




A shiny Metagross that he got as a Beldum. This thing is a inteligent and very deadly. He knows the many psycic moves and Hyper Beam. He is also very cranky.




The second Pokemon that DJ ever caught. He is way to friendly, outside of battle, he tries to hug DJ when ever he gets the chance. He knows many poisonous moves that can take out a giant Pokemon.




The ninja of DJ's Pokemon team. He can confuse his enemies anytime he wants. Can use many powerful moves, but he is still a calm Pokemon.




A Female Duxtox is the main mode of flight DJ has on his team. This girl has a scar over her left eye for a strange reason thanks to a Ursaring attack when it was a Wurmple. She use powerful moves that can blow her compitition away. She is best known to be kind.




The wild card in DJ's team. He can use eletric moves to a great extent, and can also see in the dark and threw solid mass with increadible ease, heck, he can take out a army of angry Beedrill with ease. He trust his instincts in battle.


The most Dangerous Pokemon DJ has. He caught this with the help of Leo the Luxray when the large sea dragon when the little guy was a Magikarp. The large monster is very powerful and very dangerous. He has many powerful attacks like Surf, Whirlpool, Hyper Beam and Fire Blast. His main Dragon moves is Twister Draco Meteor (The latter is learned with the help of some of hte others)


DJ's newest Pokemon. The small fox-like pokemon is a spunky and curious new Pokemon, just recently discovered. His main moves are Bite, growl and Dark pulse. It still need a lot of training before it'll be a good fighter. Zexion wanted to be named after the Organization XIII member because his future form, Zoroark, is the illusion pokemon. He hopes to be very strong like his others of his kind.

Friends and Relationships with the other FAF members

Phoenix of the Darkness: Though they didn't start out as friends, they became friends along the way. Though she used to think DJ was a Gary Stu, she and him finally buried the hatchet and became friends. He and her share a lot in common. She and some others helped him out when he first started out.

Kitten: One of his other female friends in the team, he and Kitten get along quite well. The two have a best-friend type of relationship, though people they meet sometimes mistake for dating, they both disagree, since DJ has feelings for Kurumu, and Kitten has feelings for Fictiorian, Lunitic 121.

MisstressofDawn: One of his on/off friends. She is a werewolf, while he is a Shadow Imp. Anyway, though they argue a bit, they are still good friends.

Nukid: A guy that DJ thinks is pretty cool. He sometimes gives DJ some real helpful advice

DM: DJ and DM started being friends when DJ frist started in the team.

The Fictiorans brothers: He became friends with the three brothers, though he fell victium to a few jokes they pulled.

Ross: He and Ross became friends along the road at some point.

Agent Liberi: A good friend, though they see evil differently, DJ still respects Liberi.

TomahaTech: Though technically not a member anymore, DJ and him are still friends, even though he did cause some problems, DJ's imborn ability to see good in people kept the friendship alive.

Friends outside the Authors


"Note to self- (something he should keep in mind) (That's his catchphrase)

(crashing into something) "This is getting painful."

(after getting froze by Kitten) "Man, that's cold."

"This is going to end badly."

(as Darkus) "Name's Darkus Kilish, and I'm your killer."

(In Feral mode) "I'm going to rip you apart!!!!!"

(Turning into Ryuki) "HENSHIN!!"


Fanfiction Author Fighters

Team Underworld



  • Has a fear of surprises, making him easily startled.
  • His girlfriend is Kurumu Kurono, a old friend of his from when he took a few weeks in Youkai Academy.
  • Real name is DJ, the Shadow part was added when he got his powers.
  • He can't tell a joke sometimes.
  • He met a lot of people during his travels, giving him access to a lot of things.
  • His seals, the Feral Eye and the Dragon of Darkus, were created by two different magical people; Harion, a shaman in southern Africa who made the Feral Eye. And Grim, who made the Dragon of Darkus.
  • Originally he wasn't a Kamen Rider, but after TSS desided against being one, he gave DJ the belt to change into Ryuki.

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