Demon Medal

Shadow Demon symbol

Monster Info

Shadow Imps: Born from the evil of others, these monsters are best known for their many ablilities. Don't let these things near you, or else it might not end well. They are famous for giving mortals nightmares.


Physical powers: Super Streanth, Speed, Agility and Staminia.

Magical Powers:Can countrol Shadows, can fly with magical bat wings, can use dark magic spells on many types of skills (like making sheilds and such)

and Inteligence: Varies to different imps.

Main enemies

The main enemies of a Shadow Imp is a Dark Demon, the exact opisite of a Shadow Imps, best known to kill merciles to mortals and monsters alike.

Famous Shadow Imps

Darkus Kilish: a Evil Shadow Imp that used to be a student of the Grim Reaper. Died at the hands of a agent of God. Powers were given to ShadowDJ

ShadowDJ: a Human/Shadow Imp hybride thanks to a scythe. He has all of the powers of a Shadow Imps, but is still being trained to use them to their full potential.

Demetra Kilish: A Halfa that is ShadowDJ's and Kurumu's daughter. Has her father's powers, and is the only known Female Shadow Imp and Succubus hybrid.

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