Shadow Pokemorphs are simply Pokemorphs that either became Dark and Demented, and similiar to Darkside's or Shadow Pokemon, right now only three Shadow Pokemorphs exist.

Resshin the Shadow Ho oh Pokemorph

Once the Leader of The Sacred Guard, Resshin after being defeated by The Space Warriors was turned into a Shadow Pokemorph by King Rasets and now serves Rasets as his personal Messenger to Drake, since Resshin gave Drake the Orb which Contained a portion of the Life Aura's power. Resshin now wants nothing more than to Destroy the Pokemorph Race.


Shadow Rush, Sacred Fire, Flamethrower, Ancient Power!

Veronica the Shadow Tyranitar Pokemorph

Unlike the other two Shadow Pokemorphs, Veronica was born as a Shadow Pokemorph, when Lucifer returned to the time of the First Shadow Incident, he used the Immense power of the Shadow Tyranitar in Ciphers holding to create Veronica, Lucifer had her to try and Kill Roscoso, Hinaten and Darkmagicianmon when he brought them along with Hikari Ino, when Lucifer failed, he took Veronica back to the Present and added her to his army.


Hyperbeam, Dark Pulse, Shadow Rush, Rock Slide!

Yami the Shadow Rayquaza Pokemorph

The First Rayquaza Pokemorph, for unknown reasons, he became a Shadow Pokemorph with a strange Power, similiar to a Vampire Drinking blood from beings, Yami can drain the energy from Any Pokemorph if he bites them, killing them if he bites long enough and adding their powers to his own.

When he first ran into the Space Warrior's, he soon sets his sights on Hinaten to make her his bride because he taste her energy and found hers to be perfect. He marks her with not only a bite but with a strange serpent mark on her neck. Right now he has no alliances.

In simple terms, he is Hinaten's Lucifer.

Yami can use three different kinds of bites, the first which is when his Fangs glow Green, allow him to drain the energy from Pokemorphs. The Second which is when his Fangs glow red, can act like an Aprodisac, which can cause the Pokemorph he bites no matter their age, to go into a frenzy, just like what happened to Roscoso and Marissa as well as Katie and Justin. He nearly got Hinaten with this bite, but Hikari Ino stopped him.


Shadow Rush, Extremespeed, Dragon Claw, Twister.

Razer the Shadow Skarmory Pokemorph

How Razer got his powers is unknown but he currently is allied with Drake Darkstar, he actually was the one who killed Micheal's Family, disguised as a Darkside! He then spent most of his life wandering looking for trouble, when he heard of Drake Darkstar, he quickly joined his army, and provides Drake with Info on the Pokemorph Race.


Shadow Rush, Steel Wing, Razor Wind, Swords Dance!

Kageten the Shadow Mew/Mewtwo Pokemorph

A Shadow Pokemorph, that was born from the Curse Mark that Yami put on Hinaten, this Shadow Pokemorph, has Black Hair with Blood Red Tips, Hollow Eyes and a pair of deformed wings.

When Roscoso Removed the Curse Mark from Hinaten, Lucifer used the Dark Powers that the Mark unleashed to created Kageten, she is basically, Hinaten's Darkside. She also can use the four most powerful Shadow Attacks known!


Shadow Fire, Shadow Bolt, Shadow Chill and Shadow Blast!

Kitsune the Shadow Ninetales Pokemorph

This Pokemorph is currently 20 years old, with Red Hair, Fox Ears, Red Slitted eyes with a purple center and an Orange and Red Kimono!

Kitunse and another Shadow Pokemorph called Siren, cpatured Hareta, after Razer killed his parents, and began to try and turn him into a Shadow Pokemorph, Kitsune during that time seemed to develop feelings for Hareta, and wanted him to become a Shadow Pokemorph, but Hareta escaped and fled to Johto where he met Hinaten.

When Siren was turned to stone, by Hareta, Hinaten, Fuijin and Hikari, she met Razer who gave her a place in Drake's army. She mostly uses her Fox like charm and tries to seduce enemies.


Shadow Rush, Heat Wave, Confuse Ray and attract!

Siren the Shadow Wigglytuff Pokemorph

Siren is a leader of a two woman group that includes herself and Kitsune, they mostly try to turn Pokemorphs into Shadow Pokemorph's, they nearly did it to Hareta but he escaped, Siren has made it her personal goal to turn Hareta into a Shadow Pokemorph! she was finnally stop by the combine efforts of Fuijin, Hareta, Hikari and Hinaten with Hareta using a seal ball to turn her to stone and gave the shadow pokemon spirit to fuijin to purify it and give it to a worthier host


Shadow Rush, Sing, Metronome and Doubleslap!

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