Shadow Storm
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Age: Season 1-3 months old. Season 2-4 months. Pilot League-3 years(Wolf flute player.), 20 years(Human flute player.)
Race: Giant wolf, non human. Immortal in Pilot League.
First appearance: 'Taming of the Centocor.' Part 6. Pilot League-The last Messiah.
Trivia: Youngest in his family, has a very deep voice.


He is also a giant wolf, but as he isn't human, he is mute to human ears. Shadow Storm was the youngest and weakest puppy in his family. At the age of 3 months, sick of being bullied by his elder brothers, he left. He was adopted by Lord of Ice.

Shadow Storm's fur is black while his skin is gray. He is keen and also follows the Wolf's Code. He has no interest in romance, believing firmly in becoming a warrior wolf. He is a skilled tracker and hunter, and also kind towards Crystal, as he feels sorry for her.

In 'A giant Saskay?' he is turned into a giant human, and looks like himself. Unfortunately, he is mute. He strongly resembles Sasuke Uchiha, hence the pun in the title. His voice is also not a baritone in this form and his skin remains gray.

Shadow has a cameo in Pilot League as a wolvish flute player. He is no longer a giant as he has become immortal. When the guild members find him, his sad song about the fate of all his furry kindred has the line "I must sing our fates, till the last liar is dead." The liars refer to all Topsy Turvy followers. His human form in Pilot League has short black hair, black eyes and a pale face. This is because wolves actually have pale skin.

He once mentioned that he has three brothers, and a sister from an early litter. This sister's name is Elodea Storm. Shadow has sworn to be celibate all his life, and as a result will try to drown himself anytime he sees nude girls or hears sexual references.(Water being his opposite sign as he is a Libra.)

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