Shadow Thief is the twenty-fourth episode of Digimon Adventure.

The English version is written by Duane Capizzi.



Izzy: No buts about it, Tentomon! There has been no romance at first sight, lately. It's high time we do something about it.

Gummo: Of course, Izzy. But we must be patient.

Izzy: I am patient! But unfortunately, i don't really know much about Love. Like i never seen Les Miserable or The Phantom of the Opera yet.

Gummo: We understand, Izzy.

Izzy: No. No, you don't know what it means to see Romeo and Juliet, broken up by a feuding family and die before their very own eyes. Oy. It gets lonely when Tai is not with us.

Tentomon: Oh don't say that Izzy, that's just ridiculous.

Gummo: Perhaps if we could just let him alone.

Izzy: Let him alone! With any of Hook's silly romantic ideas? I mean, it's just ridiculous.

Tentomon: But Izzy, it depends in matters of love.

Izzy: Love! Hah! Just a Boy meeting a Girl under the right condition. So we're arranging the condition.

Gummo: But Izzy, if Tai would suspect that he's in love with Sora.

Izzy: Suspect?! Argh! Look, Tai and Sora got seperated from the explosion at Crocodile Pyramid, did they?

Tentomon and Gummo: Ye-yes Izzy.

Izzy: Well then what can be more natural than doing a bit of Matchmaking around our two Turtledoves?

Gummo: N-n-n-nothing Izzy.

Izzy: If all the eligible members of our group just uh (Giggles) happen to be there and Tai just finds her without any of us. Why he's bound to show interest in Sora, isn't he? Isn't he?!

Tentomon: Y-y-y-y-yes Izzy. He should.

Izzy: Good, and the moment he does. Aha, it'll be like South Pacific and Carousal all combined into one. Soft lights, romantic music, Some Enchanted Evening, ALL THE TRIMMING!!! (Laughs) It can't possibly fail. Can it?

Tentomon: Yes Izzy. Uh uh no Izzy. Very well Izzy, whatever you say, we shall arrange the Matchmaking for...

Izzy: Tomorrow night.

Tentomon: What, tomorrow night?

Gummo: Oh but Izzy.

Izzy: Tomorrow night! And see that Tai will find Sora on his own. UNDERSTAND?!!!


Gummo and Tentomon: Yes, Izzy. Whatever you say.

Tentomon: No, that Digimon doesn't have a shadow.

Gummo: Since when did he lost his shadow?

Izzy, Gummo and Tentomon: Skillet.

Gummo: Ooooh that Skillet. That Shadow Thief is nothing but trouble.

Izzy: He's gotta be around here someplace.

Izzy: Skillet, you little Whipple-snoke. We know you're here.

Tentomon: Anybody home?

Gummo: Yoo hoo! Anybody there?! Are you in here?

Tentomon: Are you in there?

Izzy: Or you're just plain stubborn?

Izzy: Hey! You're talking about my Crest of Knowledge, Bub!

Gummo: Nevertheless...

Izzy and Gummo: If you boys RRREEEEEAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLYYYYY want it, you're gonna have to...

Izzy: Hate to blow in a good stetson. (He pulls off the Hat to reveal a severed scalp full of Spiders.) Whoo, Holy Head-Cheese!!

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