Princess Peach:Shadow Throws A Tantrum

Shadow:I Want Pinkie Pie Plush!

Tiff & Tuff:No!

Sonic & Kirby:And That's A Phony

Shadow:GRRRRRR I WANT Pinkie Pie Plush!

Princess Peach:Later On

Shadow:I Want Rosie Train?

Tiff & Tuff:No!

Sonic & Kirby:And That's Phony

Shadow:*Cries Louder* I Want Rosie Train! *Cries,Then Stops* Huh? *Falls Asleep* *Snoring*

Kirby Sonic Tiff & Tuff:Shadow Is Asleep!

Sonic:I'm So Tired *Falls Asleep* *Snoring*

Princess Peach:Sonic And Shadow Is Asleep The End!

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