The Shadow of Intent is the armada commanded by Renegade Nightmare. The faction became prominent after the battle that destroyed Zonoma Sekot. The Shadow of Intent is Allied with the Collation. The origins of this faction are enshrouded in mystery. It is made up of the remains of the Old Republic and the remains of the Zann Consortium. Their flagship the Rogue Shadow, is where Renegade Nightmare commands his entire armada from.

    The planets that are controlled by the Shadow of Intent are rather remote worlds.  Ryloth,  Oubliette ,

and Alinos. Ryloth is remote but prominent. But the other planets are well beyond the outer rim.

    It began to develop its own designs of ships after the battle of Zonoma Sekot.
 The designs that were formed are the Striking Wolf Capital Ship and the Tichonderoga Frigate .

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