Shadow of the Banhammer is a satirical independent film produced by Robinawitz Williams II in association with the MNG. The film is based on a sporadic series of events that transpire within a Nintendo discussion group on Myspace. The events that transpire are porytayed in the form of 3D animated characters, settings, and events. Shadow of the Banhammer is a Dramatic and unique 3D animated production that fuses elements from video game culture, internet culture, and popular culture into one production with heavy themes and a dramatic storyline. Shadow of the Banhammer is still very early in preproduction and has no set premiere date yet.


Coming Soon


Shadow of the Banhammer Preview 1

Shadow of the Banhammer Preview 2


  • Mike
  • Bored
  • Basotl
  • Kitty Man
  • Morte
  • Anna
  • Ghost Mod
  • EZE
  • Riot Monster
  • Mr. Monster
  • KJC
  • Kitty Man
  • Jaracz
  • Malex
  • Preston
  • Teh Adam
  • Teh Wireless Spatula
  • Teh Aussie
  • Jake
  • Phot
  • Meta Black Yoshi
  • Kenny
  • Big X
  • Desperado
  • Devil Rising
  • Luciano
  • Lahna
  • Nicamericano
  • Roshi
  • Suroosh X
  • Frank
  • Eder
  • JX
  • MetalMarc
  • Dr Cloar
  • Coffee
  • Hyper Dude
  • Willson
  • Blackout
  • Pedobear
  • Woe
  • Link o Mac
  • Jasocorp

Confirmed Cast

  • Malcolm Ashlock---- Big X
  • Jason Jaracz---- Jaracz
  • Paul Darr---- Basotl
  • Robinawitz Williams II---- Demi
  • Eric Abrams---- EZE
  • Samuel Adrian Jimenez---- Kitty Man
  • Mallori Mora---- Malex
  • Randy Morales---- Hyper Dude
  • Anjelica Deanda----Riot Monster
  • Marcos Meza---- MetalMarc
  • Chris Garcia---- Mr. Monster
  • Nick Salyers---- Morte
  • Jake Doud----Jake
  • Kenneth Miller----Kenny
  • Jordan Bell----Meta Yoshi

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