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To Create a LARP system which incompasses traditional boffer elements as well as a projectile weapons system while reducing structural influences from existing larp systems. Similarly it is the intent of this project to create a simple and exciting combat system while llowing for a dynamic role playing system to maximise playerbase and target audience while maintaining trational RP elements.

The Core Princeps

°To minimize the amount of out of game activity. °To reduce the length and slope of the learning curves. °To avoid complex and stratified rules systems.

Combat, Weapons and the Toys We Love

The mechanics of Body

Before we can go in depth about the rulesw of Weaponry, we must first understand how they effect the body. Each character, before racail modifications has the following Composition:

1 Head Wound 2 Torso Wounds 1 Wound per limb.

The wound system works simply, if you are attacked in a manner which bypasses your armor, or impacts breeched armor will inflict a wound on an area.

Wounds come in two types.

Nonfatal wounds

Non fatal wounds occur when a character has sustaiend a wound on their limbs, or, have recived only wound wound on their torso. When this event occurs, the player looses control of set target limb. In the case of the torso, the character is not able to move, and must lay prone, the character may speak however.

Nonfatal wounds may be removed once by a medic character, this is preresented by the placing of a Bandage Over the affected areas. This can only be done once per Limb or area.

Fatal Wounds

A fatal wound occurs on a headshot or on the second torso wound, which incurs death. A person then begins t bleed out. Bleeding out occurs for up to half an our and the wound may be removed by means of the Surgury Skill. However, after the frist 5 minutes it reguires 10 RP per miunute of bleeding out to be revivified. After 30 mins, 500 RP is required for a cybernetic Revivification.

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