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Shadowrun Detroit 2082 takes place in the Detroit Metropolitan Prison State, a massive island carved from what once was the lower penninsula of Michigan.

A Brief Timeline of Events:

  • 2007: Michigan repeals the 1925 law limiting how cities can annex surrounding settlements. With this limitation out of the way, Detroit quickly consumes its northern suburbs, expanding aggressively and using the influx of tax revenue to fund its expansion. Lansing and Grand Rapids soon begin the same pattern, attempting to consolidate control of the state.
  • 2011: Magic returns to the world. The Gobilization hits Michigan, bringing out many pocket communities of meta-humans.
  • 2012: Michigan's indian tribes declare official independence from state control.
  • 2013: Royal Oak becomes a haven for elves throughout Michigan. It plants the seeds for its mighty Oak Flats, a perfect elven community suspended high in the trees in balance with nature.
  • 2017: The first conflict of the Interstate City-State Wars occurs as the Battle of Ann Arbor is fought when forces from Lansing and Detroit battle for the valued territory.
  • 2028: The capital of Michigan is moved from Lansing to Detroit. State laws are revised, permitting Detroit officials influence over the entire state. Small packets of resistance form on the distant shores of Michigan, led by the Michigan Militia.
  • 2035: The Dragon descents upon Detroit, claiming it as his lair. Once consolidating hsi mystical powers focused at the nexus of roadways in Detroit, he places the intense magical Vanishing Storms over Lake Michigan, Huron, and St. Clair, blocking out all access to Michigan on most sides.
  • 2036: The Dragon wipes out the northern halfs of Indiana and Ohio, forming a sixth Great Lake, through which the Vanishing Storms spread. Michigan becomes a true island, with the only access points being Macinaw, Saginaw, and Detroit.

The year is now 2082. Michigan is now known to the rest of the world as the Detroit Metropolitan Prison State, and has become a dumping ground for many of North America's least-wanted.

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