Shadows of Doubt Part 2

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== Sneak Preview==

May: I'll take Brock's place so that I'll have the risk of being sent to the Netherworld instead of him. I know the real you is still in there Max.

Max: Yes May. No! This is the real me! The youngest and most powerful Dark Ranger!

May: Max, no. Brock, stay here.

Max: Wait for what, more of your mind games? I showed Brock the future. Together, the 3 of us will rule the world.

May: Not quite. I'll use the last move Brock was about to make. Changing Destiny. Now, either your team with your Earthbound Immortal recieve a nice power boost or the last of my team get completley obliterated. The choice is yours Max.

Max: Mine?

May: Correct. And since your Mightyena has 3 different move types, either your team gets 3 extra types or I lose 3 of my Pokemon.

Max: (thinking)There's nothing to think about. She was fool to take Brock's place. If I make her take the damage, the battle will be mine. (talking)You're a fool. Why did you bother negating Mightyena's Cursed Thorn attack. You knew it would come down to this.

May: That's right. To you making a choice and I know the real Max, my brother would make the right descision.

Max: (thinking)Fool, I will be as I said to Brock. I'll win and you would become a Dark Ranger like me. Now to make it official. (talking) I select the option that deals damage to... Gasp! (flashback series) I select the option that gives my team the power boost.

May: Max, are you okay?

Max: I think. I'm sorry May.

May: No Max. That Dark stuff you were inflicted with is to blame not you.

Max: Thanks. Huh? (flash) Argh!

May: What's wrong?

Roman: Fool, you didn't think it would be that easy. When you were grafted the darkness, you were marked for life.

Max: AAAAaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

May: So, you're the big guy behind this.

Roman: Quite right and although I'm in the Netherworld, I'm not finished with Max yet.

Max: (possesed)Heheheheheheheh!

Roman: Destroy her!

May: No. Release Max!

Max: (possesed)Only if you manage to defeat me May. So lets get back to it. Now I'll put 2 poison counters on my Mightyena. Then by removing a Poison counter, your Pokemon get poisoned without attacking. However since Mightyena attacked, I have to wait until next round to play it. Don't waste the match trying to get Max back because that's not happening. Hahahahahha!

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