(if there is a picture of the omnitrix for me it would help)

The story

so it all started with a kid who found the watch and he became a shaman fighter he was against this alien who was realy In the first season, the plot mainly focuses on the villain maxy, an evil alien warlord who wants to use the Omnitrix to conquer the galaxy. Injured at the start of the season, he sends various drones to get the Omnitrix until he is healed. After he is fully healed, he attempts to retrieve it himself, only to be stopped by Ben, stan and emmer. Furthermore, it is hinted throughout the season that Maxy knows more about aliens than he lets on, culminating in the revelation that he and stan had fought previously.The main focus of the series is the Omnitrix, a watch-like shaman device found by Ben in the first episode. Using it, Ben can transform into a number of different shaman, which he uses to battle the various villains in the series. As explained in the show, the Omnitrix works by binding alien DNA to Ben's, transforming him into the shaman of his choice for ten minutes and then reverting him back to normal.Ghostfreak was trapped as one of Ben's forms, Ghostfreak, but escaped from the Omnitrix. His evil personality was trapped within the Omnitrix when his DNA was sampled. He finally manages to force his way out of the Omnitrix in 1 second. For some reason, Ghostfreak goes by the name Ben gives him, and does not mention having a real name. After peeling off the protective layer of skin that normally covers him, he tries to take over Ben's body in order to become whole again. After a failed attempt to possess Ben, he coerces Acid Breath, Thumbskull, and Frightwig to help him by taking over Thumbskull and tossing him about the room in a show of force. However they failed and Ben opened a curtain exposing Ghostfreak to sunlight, thus killing him.


In the world of Shaman King, people with the ability to communicate and fight with spirits are collectively known as Shamans. The series is centered around Ben because of his watch. a laid-back, easygoing character who is heir to the powerful shamanic Asakura family, as he enters the Shaman Tournament, a semimillennial event that draws shamans from around the world to compete for the chance to become the Shaman King and the wielder of the omnipotent Great Spirit. In the process, Yoh befriends and makes rivals of other characters, and gradually learns of the true nature of the Shaman Tournament, and his connection to stan, the favourite to win.stan is usually calm, cruel, and always smiles. The occasions when he is really angry are very rare and when he is angry with someone, that person is usually killed by The Spirit Of Fire , he also likes to watch Shaman fights, especially those that involve strong Shaman.Because he has died and reincarnated three times he has a high Furyoku, of 125.000.000 as of his current life. During his first life, according to maxy, he was so strong that even the strongest Shaman swore him loyalty.The spirit of fire is one of five elemental spirits created from the great spirit itself. It was stolen from the Patch Tribe during his second life as a Patch.When he was young a group of humans killed his Mother, because they thought that she was a demon. Having his house burnt, Hao wandered and lived aimlessly, believing himself to be a boy with demonic powers and dreaming to exterminate all humans.With the experiece of his Childhood, Hao had tasted the power of a Shaman. He proved to be a genius in the divine abilities and his skills flourished with time. Hao grew to possess a good nature and he began training to become a shaman that eliminated Demons.In the story line, stan's Soul was split in two, one being the one that has Hao's memories, and the other held the human side of stan this part of the soul is the soul of stan's Asakura. In this incarnation he had the spirit of fire as his guardian ghost and he again had the same goal of becoming the shaman king and also merging his soul with stan's Soul.A slacker by nature, ben maintains a carefree, laid-back attitude about everything, even with achieving his goal of becoming Shaman King. Because he was alienated by everyone outside of the family he instead chose to bond with spirits and has decided that anyone who can see spirits cannot be evil. He has even gotten a signature phrase: "everything will work out".Amidamaru is a 600 year old samurai that is the spirit ally of ben Asakura. He was born on January 6, 1385, and died at the age of 24, by exhausting his body. After having his tomb stone broken by Ryo he was rising to the other world, he saw Manta being beaten up by Ryo, who was enraged because he was beaten by a mere teenager.


he was born in a hospital in shicargo being mistaken for a girl by emmer . He dresses in a similar fashion as his father, both probably having their clothes as a homage to Sherlock Holmes When he joins the X-Laws, he begins wearing a classical white uniform similar to theirs. a person who is able to find a person or persons using his special abilities.

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