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Hi. You've reached my Demon: The Fallen House Rules page.

House Rules:

1. Character Creation

   A. Attributes are: 7/5/3
   B. Abilities are: 13/9/5
   C. Backgrounds are: 5, and may not be above 3 points each
        1. Resources may increase to 5 total
        2. Paragon may not be above 4
        3. Eminence may not be above 2
             a. Will work out a system to building this up with XP later
   D. Lores: 21 points, cost of 7 points per dot
        1. Common Lores also fall under House Lores. No extra cost.
        2. Out-of House lores cost double.
   E. Freebie Points: Per book rules, 15.
   F. Merits and Flaws: No more than 15 freebies gained from Merits and Flaws.
        1. Main book has no Merits or Flaws listed. Will research source books  
           for these fun things
   G. All Houses from the Main Book are open
   H. Faith can be purchased higher.

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