Just like a new coat of wax on a surfboard, Shane is looking to outshine everyone in this years strongest engine race!
—The Announcer, Meet the Contenders

  • Number: 520
  • Class: SAR 520 Class
  • Designer: Frank Hugh Harrison
  • Built: 1943
  • Builder: Islington Railway Workshops
  • Configuration: 4-8-4
  • Top Speed: 78 mph
Shane is an Australian tender engine who participated in the [Railway Show|Great Railway Show]. He competed in the strength competition.


Shane was invited to participate in the Great Railway Show, and was shipped to the [[1]] with the other engines by ferry. He took part in the strength competition, and competed against [[2]], [[3]], [[4]] and [[5]]. The winner of the competition was left unknown.

After the Great Railway Show had ended, Shane left the Mainland and returned back to Australia.


Shane is a big, strong engine who has been working tirelessly to ensure he's in the best shape. Known as the "Whispering Giant", Shane's carefree ways make him many friends.


Shane is based on the South Australian Railways 520 class. The real engine carrying his number, Sir Malcolm Barclay-Harvey, is currently preserved by the SteamRanger Preservation Society at their workshops in Mount Barker, South Australia. Shane is also modified to run on British railways, having a screwlink coupling and buffers on the back of his tender and being scaled down from broad gauge to standard gauge.


Shane is painted teal green with yellow lining, Australia's sporting colours. His number is painted in white above his face, and the initials of his railway are painted on his tender in yellow.


[the Tank Engine & Friends|Television Series]


Shane was also featured in a [the Contenders|Meet the Contenders] segment.


  • Shane's nickname, the "Whispering Giant", was a real nickname the SAR 520 class had. Due to their long boilers, the real engines required blower assistance while in yards to prevent smoke from blowing into the cab, thus making them seem to quietly whisper.
  • His whistle sound is [[6]]'s at a higher pitch
  • In real life, Shane would be too large for the British loading gauge


Shane's Theme is the Intro theme of the Series "The Koala Brothers"