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Once you GM the Detect Hidden Skill you may learn this feat which is used to passivly detect hidden characters or items.

Bardic Feats

The Bard's Guild can teach a Musician special songs which do special things. These are the Bardic Feats.

  • Peace Making (Rename something like "Song of Peace") - Used to force NPCs and Players to stop fighting temporarily. This is a skill by default, but will be made into a feat for our porposes.
  • Provocation (Rename something like "Song of War") - Used to encourage an NPC to attack a target of your choice. This is a skill by default, but will be made into a feat for our porposes.
  • Discordance - Temporarily reduces a creature’s stats: strength, dexterity, intelligence, hit points, stamina, and mana. as well as the creature's physical resistance, all elemental resistances, and skills by up to 20% at Grandmaster. Swing rate, damage, and chance to evade are directly reduced; this is in addition to the skill reduction of anatomy, tactics, lumberjacking, weapon skill, wrestling, parry, etc. This is a skill by default, but will be made into a feat for our porposes.
  • Enticement (Rename something like "Song of Allurment") - This skill was removed by OSI but we will bring it back as a Feat. It is used to encourage an NPC to come to and follow you.
  • Song of Healing (Rename) - Everyone around begins to regenerate HITS faster.
  • Song of Rest (Rename) - Everyone around begins to regenerate STAM faster.
  • Song of Spirit (Rename) - Everyone around begins to regenerate MANA faster.

Assassin Feats

The Assassin's Guild can teach its members to tricks of the trade. These are the Assassin's Feats.

  • Backstab – Must use a fencing weapon. Deals an amount of damage based on the Baskstab Feat Level as well as the distance that the victem was tracked.
  • Surprise Attack – Must be done while in stealth. Deals damage based on the weapon skill used and the Sueprise Attack Feat level.
  • Shadowjump – Must be done in while in stealth. Allows the caster to teleport while remaining in stealth mode. The higher the Shadowjump Feat level, the farther the caster will be able to "Jump."
  • Death Strike – After a victem has been hit by a Death Strike, if he takes 5 or more steps he will take a massive amount of damage based on the caster's Death Strike Feat level.
  • Execution - Deals a fairly large amount of damage based on the Execution Feat level in an attempt to kill an already wounded victem in a single hit. If you succeed, the XP gained from that kill is doubled if you fail you are stunned for a few seconds.

Tactical Feats

Once a fighter gains GM Tactics, he is able activate these feats

  • Defensive Tactics - Reduces the damage caster deals but increases his Physical Resistance.
  • Offensive Tactics - Increases the damage caster deals but decreases his Physical Resistance.

Combat Feats

  • Armor Ignore
  • Armor Pierce
  • Bladeweave
  • Bleed Attack
  • Block
  • Crushing Blow
  • Concussion Blow
  • Defense Mastery
  • Disarm
  • Dismount
  • Double Shot
  • Double Strike
  • Dual Wield
  • Feint
  • Force Arrow
  • Force of Nature
  • Frenzied Whirlwind
  • Infectious Strike
  • Lightning Arrow
  • Mortal Strike
  • Moving Shot
  • Nerve Strike
  • Paralyzing Blow
  • Psychic Attack
  • Riding Swipe
  • Serpent Arrow
  • Shadow Strike
  • Talon Strike
  • Whirlwind Attack

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