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Level System 1.0

Number of Levels: 25 I chose this number based on an Excel worksheet i made to see what the maximum highest stats would be for each race and each class at each level. Anything much over 25 will make the players too powerful (in my opinion). If anyone would like to see this excel file let me know. - Nachtmusique.


Each race has 12 stat points which are added to the players stat cap upon leveling up. Likewise, each class has 6 stat bonus points which are added to the player's stat caps upon leveling up. These ppoints are added to specific stat caps based on the Race and Class of the player. The player does not get to distribute these points. This does not increase the stat itself but rather the stat cap.


At level 0, a player has 10 skills which can be gained up to 100% and all the other skills can only be gained up to 50%.Upon leveling, each of the player's skills caps are increased by 2% so that at level 25 a player may have all Non-Class Skills as well as all Class Skills at 100% (Grand Master).

What happens to a player's skill caps when he gets a Race Upgrade?

When a player starts at level 1 with an Upgraded Race, they are starting with their skill caps all at 100%. From hear the player will gain 1% to each skill cap upon each level up. Such that upon reaching level 25 with a Upgraded Race they player will be able to have all skills at 125% (Legendary).

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