Deciding Which Skills to Keep

There are currently 66 Skills listed on this page. We need to figure out which ones to keep and which to remove. - Nachtmusique

Nachtmusique's Pick for Skills to nuke

This is a list of the skills we decided not to include in our shard. Some of them were custom ideas from the start which we have abandoned. Others are default skills that were useless or didn't fit our shard for whatever reason.

  1. Spirit Speak - This skill is just plain useless with our plans as they are.
  2. Magery - Sence we are rescripting the magic system into 5 diffenet skills, this is gone.
  3. Chivalry - Not needed or replaced by "White Magic"
  4. Necromancy - Not needed or replaced by "Black Magic"
  5. First Aid - This and Surgery can be combined with Medicine.
  6. Surgery - This and First Aid can be combined with Medicine.
  7. Arms Lore - This skill is just not that usefull...
  8. Begging - What a stupid skill...
  9. Eval INT - Why do i care what my opponant's INT is?
  10. Forensic Eval - Why do I care who killed that guy?
  11. Focus - With meditation and Racial Stamina Regeneration, this isnt really needed.
  12. Healing - How is Healing a skill?
  13. Herding or Animal Training - These two can be combined into one single skill.
  14. Assassination (Ninjitsu) - All of the Feats of this skill can be given to other skills.
  15. Dual Wielding (Bushido) - The feats of this skill can be given to other skills and the weapon parry ability can be given to the weapon skills themselves.
  16. Taste ID - This is an OK skill, but it's not that great. If there is a better one to nuke, let me know.

Skills List

This is a list of the skills we decided to keep or create and the 6 catagories into which they will be split up on the skills gump.

Magic Skills

  • Channeling – Custom skill used to channel mana points from a player’s environment.
  • Meditation - Skill is used activly while not in combat or performing any other action to increase the regeneration rate of mana until it is full. This skill also passively increases the regeneration rate of mana.
  • Blue Magic - Magic skill used for spells involving illusion, time/space, and the manipulation of mana.
  • Black Magic - Magic skill used for spells involving curses, death, and decay.
  • Red Magic - Magic skill used for spells involving destruction, fire, and stone.
  • Green Magic - Magic skill used for spells involving animals, vegitation, and nature.
  • White Magic - Magic skill used for spells involving healing, protection, and rightousness.
  • Resisting Spells - Skill used to prevent or lessen the effects of a harmful spell which is targeting you.

Lore and Knowledge Skills

  • Anatomy - Knowledge of the human body. This skill increased the usefulness of some of the other medical skills.
  • Alchemy - The skill used to make potions including heals, cures, and "buff" potions.
  • Herbalism - Custom skill used for gathering Herbs from the ground with a shuvel.
  • Medicine - A skill we could use for cures, heals, antidotes, etc instead of Alchemy. Thus making a Cleric more useful than just you run of the mill Alchemist. Also, this skill is used to heal wounds with bandages.
  • Cooking - Skill used to cook food...duh...
  • Inscription - In OSI this skill is used to make scrolls and spellbooks. However, if we are haveing mages train under a master of their magic school and learn spells from him. Scrolls will be somewhat useless. Books are still healpful though. In OSI high level scribs could make spellbooks with up to 3 special bonuses (Lower mana cost, faster cast time, etc...). Also, We could use this skill to craft spellbooks with larger numbers of "slots" for spells as well as runebooks and other magic books.
  • Musicianship - Skill used to playing an instrument. We also plan to make song books similar to spell books which will alow a bards music to have diverse effects. These Song spells will be discussed with Spells and Feats (including Peacemaking, Provocation, Discordance, and Enticement.)
  • Evaluate Weakness - Custom Skill used to determin the lowest type of resistance that the target has, so that the player knows what type of attack will do the most damage. This could also be used on Bosses with special weaknesses.
  • Linguistics - Custom skill used to learn other languages 25 points in this skill allows the player to gain up to 100 points divided among the different languages. So that at GM Linguistics you can understand and speak all of the different languages.
  • Elven - The Language used by Civil Elves. The higher your skill the more likely you are to understand a phrase spoken in this laguage. At GM, you can also speak in this language.
  • Asrai - The Language used by Wood Elves. The higher your skill the more likely you are to understand a phrase spoken in this laguage. At GM, you can also speak in this language.
  • Drowish - The Language used by Dark Elves. The higher your skill the more likely you are to understand a phrase spoken in this laguage. At GM, you can also speak in this language.
  • Grunt - The Language used by Orcs and Goblins. The higher your skill the more likely you are to understand a phrase spoken in this laguage. At GM, you can also speak in this language.

Crafting/Merchant Skills

  • Blacksmithing - Skill used to craft armor and weapons out of metal ingots.
  • Bowcraft/Fletching - Skill used to craft bows and arrows.
  • Carpentry - Skill used to craft furnature and wooden items.
  • Tailoring - Skill used for craftig clothing.
  • Tinkering - Skill used for crafting gadgets such as clocks, locks, and traps.
  • Item ID (Appraisal) - Skill used to determin the value in gold of a given item.
  • Lumberjacking - Skill used for gathering wood from trees with a sword or axe.
  • Mining - Skill used for gathering ore and jewels from caves/mines with a pickaxe. One change I would like to see is that certain ores can only be found in certain mines.

Ranger Skills

  • Camping - Skill used to make campfires. Not sure what the point of this is in OSI, but i made a script that made it so that the higher your camping the shorter your cliet linger time when you log out. Also, characters near a campfire made by you will have a shorter client linger time as well. In addition to this, I made it so that you could poor a potion into a campfire to allow all those arround to breath in and get the same effect as drinking it.
  • Cartography - Skill in making and decifering maps. This is used in treasure hunting. Another idea is to make it where you cannot use the "Radar" until you have a certain level in this skill.
  • Tracking - Skill used to detect and follow players and NPCs from a distance. Useful for tamers but also used in the equation of some Assassination abilities. (The farther you have tracked your victem the more damage is delt.)
  • Remove Trap - Skill used to disarm traps and bombs.
  • Detect Hidden - Skill used to actively detect hidden characters or items.
  • Animal Lore - In OSI this is used to show an animals stats, hunger status, mood, etc...
  • Animal Taming - Skill used to tame animals....duh...
  • Herding (Animal Training) - Skill used to direct animals to the place you want them to go (even untamed ones). Also used to build your pet's stats and skills training them to perform certain tasks such as guard, fetch, mount, follow, etc...
  • Veterinary - Skill used for healing pets with bandages and making pets take medicine.
  • Fishing - Skill used for catching fish...duh...

Rogue Skills

  • Hiding - This skill is used actively to hide and go into stealth mode.
  • Stealth - This skill is used passively when a player attempts to walk while hidden. With GM Hiding and Stealth, the player may freely walk hidden until they are revealed by some other action (running, talking, dettected by player, etc...)
  • Lock Picking - This skill is used to pick locks...duh...
  • Poisoning - This skill is used to apply poison to weapons, food, and drink. The higher the Poisoning skill the better quality of poison and the harder the poison will be to detect using Taste ID.
  • Snooping - Skill used to look into another character's backpack.
  • Stealing - Skill used to steal items from another character's backpack.

Combat Skills

  • Marksmanship - Skill used when fireing a bow or crossbow.
  • Knives and Daggers (Fencing) - Skill used when fighting with small blades and daggers.
  • Maces and Pole Arms (Mace Fighting) - Skill used for fighting with maces, hammers, staves, etc...
  • Swords and Axes(Swordsmanship) - Skill used when fighting with swords, axes, and larger blades.
  • Hand to Hand(Wrestling) - Skill used when fighting unarmed. I also want to make some weapons for this skill such as iron nuckles.
  • Tactics - Skill used to determine the effectiveness of a hit. Also, i have made it so that at GM Tactics, a player may choose Defensive or Offensive tactics. This will be discussed more with the Spell and Feat List.
  • Melee Resistance - Custom skill used to prevent or lessen the effects of a melee Feat which is being performed on you.
  • Dodging - Custom Skill used to evade an attack.
  • Parrying - Used to "Block" attacks using a shield

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