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Scene Selections

  1. Opening Credits
  2. Meet Lenny
  3. I'm Oscar
  4. Oscar meets Lenny
  5. Sea Creatures Around the Sea
  6. Perfect Plans
  7. The Horse Race
  8. Shark Chase
  9. Acting the Day
  10. In the Restraunt
  11. Lenny's Lonley
  12. In the Hotel
  13. Lenny and Oscar's Rich
  14. Lennny, Oscar and Lenny
  15. Two Days Left to Go
  16. No Fishy Exists
  17. Totally Cool
  18. Oscar's Not Lieing
  19. Shark Showdown
  20. Family Reunion
  21. Almost Home
  22. Welcome Home
  23. You're Not Lieing
  24. Goodbye
  25. Get it Together
  26. Battle Showdown
  27. Everything's Back to Norman
  28. End Titles


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