Shark Tale vs. Finding Nemo was a video on Youtube That The Animated Heroine Made where she looks back at Pixar's 2003 Film Finding Nemo And Dreamworks 2004 Film Shark Tale and in the beggining it shows some clips from the movie and then it comes to her talking and the lady in this video says bad words and She would say Finding Nemo is better than Shark Tale. And then in this mexican Place scene in Shark Tale was in The Simpsons and then She went in the first two minutes of the film in the first two minutes Of Finding Nemo when Marlin was with her wife Coral and then A Mean Barracuda Attacks And eat Coral and her eggs but Marlin was still alive and in the first two minutes of Shark Tale it was a clear ocean with Katie Current Broadcasting and then she looks back at the ocean that they were the same type of ocean but Shark Tale's World is a little bit like a human world and she looked back at their Storys and in Finding Nemo's Story Marlin tries to find Nemo and in Shark Tale's Story It tells about Oscar who teams up with a friendly Shark named Lenny and The Lady called Oscar a Idiot and that was not very nice of what she called Oscar From Shark Tale. And she likes Dory From Finding Nemo because she said she is so hillarious. And She Said about Shark Tale is not that bad as The Wild. So i guess this is it. And the winner was Finding Nemo (2003).

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