Sharon was a quid esential child Solider. Born into a strong Ranger blood line.

With the reconstruction of Topwara many of the leaders decided to reinstate the Ranger's to help reistablish law and to try and bring attention away form Topwara's Imperial occupations. They drew on Rangers that were secertly trained during the Imperial occupation and punishment of the planet.

Sharon being form a Ranger family was inducted by her fifth birthday. Training starts at a young age so that the accomplished Ranger is a working adult by the Teenage years. Sharon and her class mates drew a very experienced Master that was acredited with finding food for suviviors when the Imperials were defeated over Topwara and the time when Republic relief wasn't flowing smoothly to the planet.

The training was rigorous and kept Sharon and her class mate alert constantly they never believed they were out of training because new lessons or test would occur when they least expected.

Training in the Ranger Fighting form of Cart'tra. A complex and difficult fighting style of 78 stance all created by former Rangers after watching countless sword and light saber engagments. Specializing in the Rangers abilities of situational awarness it is considered on Topwara the Pinacle of Fighting. There are no Masters of Cart'tra no one has lived long enough to gain that title. The Pain staking training allowed sharon only enough time to master one stance before she was 12 and begin apperticing in her second.

In her class she quickly distuguished her self with her ability to adapt quickly Her situational awareness and atunement to the lessons was at such a degree she was believe to be cheating in some way. Then it was discovered that through her blood line she had Jedi mixing. Though diluted she seemed to have some sort of force sensitivty.

When she was 15 she was put on her second mission. This was the most memorable in her short Career as a ranger. With the return of the GNC and the Sith. Topwara Annexation into the GNC away form the Republic. New Republic military urged the Topwaran government to change the Ranger Police force into a resistance army. Reluctant to call it a resistance force because the GNC had yet to try and invade Topwara. They only reformated the Rangers. Sharon was shuffled into a Scout Sniper group. Her deadly abilities of stealth and proficency with Blaster Rifles was nigh unrivaled in her class. To continue to show ties unoffically to the New Republic Topwara sent four Rangers all form Sharons class to the Corellia system to help track down a band of pirates that been preying on ships that had intrestes both to Corellia and Topwara.

Once on Corellia the group of Teenagers found there older Corsec minders to be over bearing and not ready to use the potent skills that the Ranger Party had. It was true the Corsec officers viewed more that they were baby sitting instead of getting useful assest. Even after several actions and almost three months of inclonclusive searching. The Ranger group lead by Garret Juhziz thought that the reason why the search had been so incunclsive was that the Corsec officers were too heavy handed prefering Raids to inflitration and actual investigation. When the Group of Rangers got wind of a possible pirate strong hold instead of reporting it as they had before Garret by the suggestion of his almost girl friend Sharon decided to investigate the site theirselfves.

When arriving and investigating the area they found that the base actually was the center of operation for the Pirate group. One night the group of Rangers decided to enter the building to get hard evidence before going back and reporting there findings to the Cor Sec for a raid. On there apporach a simple chink of gear allowed a gaurd to notice the teams leader Garret. Garret was killed in front of Sharons eyes. Being extremely close to him she was effected deeply by his death becoming angry she savagely beat to death the gaurd that had shot Garret when he came to inspect the body. Sharon was later captured when the rucuss caused by the beating alerted other gaurds. The Other two Rangers remained undetected and returned to Corellia.

Sharon spent 3 weeks in interment on the planet that she had went to. Though when she was rescued after a raid she didn't remember anything beyond arriving on the planet. According the Pirate she was intergated and tortured extensivly and she never made a sound for the three weeks. Pirates said they never saw such an empty person just breathing eating and that it. nothing else.

Corsec blaimed the Death of Garret and her capture on Sharon and the Rash actions were said to have jepodized Corsec assessts that were finding the tips. Even though Sharon revealed nothing she was fully blamed for some of the wrong doing in the mission. After reviewing the Data Sharon was also found at fault for Garret's death indirectly and had her status as a second in command as in a ranger team revoked. It was only because of her considerable ability that she was not completely ejected form the order.

Even though she was made to blame her family and father said that everything was alright. She went back to classes that she had already been to and began retaking the required classes to regain her position in the Rangers. When she was 18 the poltical tides had changed again. Now a Master of two stances of Chart'tra she was given a chance that she hadn't expected. Either go on and become a team leader for a Topwaran Ranger group or be Recruited into the Jedi order to become a jedi knight. With support form her family she went on to become a Jedi knight. Her father gave her a sword made of phrik. It was a family heirloom that had been used during the Clone wars and passed down through the rangers. It was the ultimate symbol of acceptance and apperation of her action by her father.

The Order begrudingly accepted her on the grounds that she had an extreme degree of disipline form her years in the Rangers. She was taken under the wing of a Knight and trained in the force. Her jedi Career was mired with reprimands to not be so arrogent or inquizative. She wanted nothing more than to learn of the Jedi's enemy the Sith. Practicing the Ranger ideaology of Know your Enemy Know yourself and victory will always be yours. This ideaology got her into many debats with Jedi masters about the restriction on Sith Teachings.

Even with the rocky training period she managed to be considered for the trials of the Jedi Knight on the eve of her trails. She returned to Topwara to visit with her family like she had frequently done during her training. Mostly to visit her younger sister who was on her way to following her foot steps and becoming a Ranger. Though when she retruned she ahd found that the support and acceptance that she thought she was getting form her father was actually him shallowing his tongue at her mothers request. He professed how much that he had hated that she had went away with the Jedi. There was a large fight between the two of them which resulted in the Father taking back the sword he had given to her. She ran off into the woods to be alone. With her she had a Sith book something she had stolen form the Archive in hopes of the understand of the sith that she had always sought would give her the edge in the trials that would make her a very potent Knight.

It had the oppisite effects. Exposed to the Dark side she fell quickly because of her willingness to learn. The darkness that had taken her over when Garret died and caused her to savagely kill his murder resurfaced. Like an alternate personality that wanted to have Sharon happy at all cost. She went to her village and with her light saber killed ever single person in the village including her family. Her and her father fought and he was eventually defeated. The Local Ranger group returned to the village when the smoke plume of the massive prye that Sharon had errected to Burn all the bodies and the village was seen. She killed 6 additional rangers form her group before she was finally captured.

Covicted of 48 murders the Topwaran government showed her lenancy instead of turning her over to the GNC jailing system which were essentially labor death camps. She was exiled. Disgraced she returned to the jedi an Injured person. Her biggest motivation was the protection of her people. When she returned and the Mastered learn of her stealing of the Sith book. It was quickly relized that the book had been the cause of her down fall and the murders. She was exile form the Jedi order as well.

After that she drifted around the universes lower crust using what money she had to keep alive until she ended up on Yavin four. There she was captured by a Sith lord and sent back to the core planet of the GNC. She was then taken into the hands of Arkane Doth who tuanted tortured, and coerced Sharon into eventually turning to the Dark side.

After her full turning away form her light side teachings She began training as a Sith Assassin. Her cunning mind and deadly stealth augmented even further by force abilities created an even deadier solider.

Though she is a Sith her true mind is always changeing as her mind is a battle ground between the duty driven Sharon and the alternate ego of darkness and passion that had hidden itself until most oppertune to take control.

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