• Narrator: It's the wackiest, grooviest album of the year! The album every Sheen fan has been waiting for! It's "Sheen: The Soundtrack!"
  • Ariel, Fiona and Anastasia: Sheen! Sheen!
  • Narrator: Filled with the best music from both Sheen videos, including "The Sheen Theme Song"...
  • Ariel, Fiona and Anastasia: Lean and mean, green machine! Sheen!
  • Narrator: ..."It's Cindy's Fault"...
  • Timmy: It's Cindy's fault, she broke the plate it's true, and that's the tale I have to tell to you.
  • Vidia, Rosetta, Iridessa, Fawn and Silvermist and Wanda: We're fairies.
  • Narrator: And the brand new "Rumor Fairies Song".
  • Vidia, Rosetta, Iridessa, Fawn and Silvermist and Wanda: We're fairies.
  • Wreck-it Ralph, Woody and Mr. Turner: Ooh, ooh, ooh!
  • Narrator: Plus the score from some of your favorite Sheen scenes.
  • Sheen: I am going to die!
  • Flint Lockwood: Stop yelling at me! No yelling! Yell... yell... yellow!
  • Narrator: But that's not all.
  • Sheen: Hello Bumblyburg. I'm Sheen. Welcome to my groove.
  • Narrator: Yes, two brand new Sheen theme song remixes will have you shaking your super-suction ears all over the living room!
  • Sheen: Hey! I got something to say, ad-lib. Sweetums in the crib; oh great. Timmy broke a plate, Daddy walking in the door, Dracula on the floor, Cindy's fault, Adam's fault, BIG Sweetums puts on a bib...
  • Narrator: Dance 'till you can't dance no more!
  • Flint Lockwood: I've fallen and I can't get up.
  • Narrator: So see what all of Bumblyburg's talking about. Don't miss the Sheen soundtrack! It's...
  • Sheen: Dynomite!
  • Ariel, Fiona and Anastasia: Sheen!
  • Narrator: And when you're surfing the web, check out Sheen's website. Go into the Sheen-Cave to learn more about the Sheen-Mobile. Research all of Sheen's adventures in the Bumblyburg Police Headquarters. Then when you're ready, square off against Sweetums and the Rumor Fairies in a great new online game! Don't miss the Sheen website at!

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