• Jimmy: Carl, let's go to Plan B.
  • Carl: Right, Jimmy.
  • Sheen: (meanwhile) Hey, what's that?
  • Jimmy: It's a shock thingy.
  • Sheen: Oh, boy! Sounds like fun!!
  • Jimmy: Let's begin. 7 times 7.
  • Sheen: 49!
  • Jimmy: 8 times 10.
  • Sheen: Look! It's a fly. (gets shocked) Argh!
  • Jimmy: 6 times 5.
  • Sheen: Boy, am I thirsty today. (gets shocked again) Ow!!
  • Jimmy: 9 times 9.
  • Sheen: It's a fly again. (gets shocked again) Aah!!
  • Jimmy: 12 times 10.
  • Sheen: I don't like this game! (gets shocked again) Aaah!!! Carl?!
  • Carl: Tee-hee...
  • Sheen: Hey, look. TV. (walks then turns on the TV)
  • Jimmy: Ugh. This is useless. (turns off the TV)
  • Sheen: (gasps) Gimme another shock, Carl!
  • Carl: OK.
  • Sheen: (gets a giant shock) YOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! I HATE IT! AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! OWWWWWWWWW!! HOW AM I DOING OUT HERE?!?! (falls to the ground) Oof!
  • Jimmy: Are you OK, Sheen?
  • Sheen: Yeah.
  • Jimmy: I want your brain now. OK?
  • Sheen: OK. (pulls his brain out of his head) Duhhhh...
  • Carl: Hey, Sheen! You're getting another shock. Well, have some more!
  • (end)


Archive footage of "Sheen's Brain".

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