Sheezyart is a Sonic the Hedgehog, Naruto, and Pokemon fan site. It's most well know for having biased mods who play favorites, and quite alot of recolors. Sheezyart —much like females— has a period, where for two-to-five days out of the month it's servers get bloated and start bleeding.


"fuck you"

~Skate on every single member of sheezyart.


~Skate on being banned from sheezyart.


~Sheezyart on Skate.

"I hate being a woman"

~Sheezyart on it's period.

"*report comment* delete comment*"

~Reddog on the report button and the delete button.

"I'm a jew."

~Yoshy-ryu on Sheezyart.

"So long and thanks for all the fish"

~Skate on Sheezyart, after leaving it forever.

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