A member of the forum, joined in June 2007. Some facts:

"I am Kim Possible's BIGGEST FAN. I watch her every single day. I have all the KP merchandise. I was a huge supporter for season 4. I am a huge supporter for season 5. I can re-enact the entire Kim Possible Movie: So The Drama. My love for Kim Possible goes beyond the fandom of a TV show; Kim Possible changed my life. I would do anything for it, and besides my family I love KP more than anything. The biggest thing I want to be known for is the fact that NO ONE loves Kp the way I do."

"I am one of the biggest Drakken/Shego shippers out there. They are my favorite couple of all time. D/S was one of the many reasons I started watching KP. My name Shegodrakkenfan1 is because of D/S."

"Kim Possible sparked another interest for me: singing. The first time I was really motivated to becoming a singer was when I listened to Call Me, Beep Me. The Kim Possible them song is my favorite song of all time. I actually sang it over the phone to a Radio Disney DJ. My other musical interests include: the A*Teens, Evanescence, Ashley Tisdale, Lisa Loeb, Christina Milian, Riahnah, and Christy Carlson Romano. I've written 42 songs about KP."

"I am a huge fan of both Nicole Sullivan, and Christy Carlson Romano."

"I don't like confrontation. I hate to fight with other RSRNP members. I like to voice my opinion, but I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings."

"I am anti Kigo."

"I love "Ask Me Threads" I like to get to know other members and I like them to get to know me. I also like them because I know everything there is to know about KP."

"I consistently have a Shego avatar."

Board History

Shegodrakkenfan1 joined forum on June 18, 2007. She was not shy and immediately proved what a fan she was. She says "Well I was not allowed to have the Internet until I was 13. My mom had taken me to many Teen Titans forums a couple years ago. The people on there were not very I was hesitant to join the forum. But when I did they welcomed me right in. I felt very at home there. They have become like my internet family." Shegodrakkenfan1 loves to type on the boards and says it has become one of her favorite hobbies.In August 2007 Shegodrakkenfan1 became an admin for KP Fan World. "I plan on staying on RSRNP long after Kim Possible is but a memory to Disney Channel."-Shegodrakkenfan1.

Fan History

Sheogdrakkenfan1 began watching Kim Possible in late 2005. She had recently gotten over the end of her previously favorite show: Teen Titans. Drawing was her passion. But she believed she would never have inspiration again. One fateful Saturday she went to watch Disney Channel. The show W.I.T.C.H. was coming on and she wanted to check it out. Her little sister suggested that after W.I.T.C.H. they watch "Kim Possible". Sheogdrakkenfan1 was unsure. She was not positive she was ready to to get into something that reflected her Teen Titans memories in such a strong way. But she watched it any way. The episode was "Emotion Sickness". Sheogdrakkenfan1 has quoted: "When I watched Kim Possible for the first time...I realized it was the start of something that would change my life." After that Shegodrakkenfan1 began taping the show. Her Kim: School Spirit doll was the first item to begin her KP collection. Soon Shegodrakkenfan1 wondered how she ever got by without Kim in her life. "To me Kim is what keeps me believing" she says "I have a busy, hard life. But I know at the end of the day the Kimness in my life pulls me through. I believe in Kim stronger than I believe in any thing else. I usually get burnt out on shows but I have a loyalty to KP. Just something about the feeling.....I know anything is possible."

D/S Shipping

Shegodrakkenfan1 prides herself as one of the biggest Drakken/Shego shippers out there. She loves the couple more than any other ship, including Kim and Ron. She says "Yeah..I love to ship D/S. Even my little sister likes them! It's hard to ship bad guys cause you never know what to expect, but that's the fun of it!". Out of her D/S shipping came her friendship's Drakkensprincess and Alicia Lipsky Forver. "They really get my ship y'know!"--Shegodrakkenfan1.

Web Site

After being on Ron Stoppable's Really Neat Page for about 3 weeks Shegodrakkenfan1 decided she wanted her very own website to promote her undying Kim Possible fandom. With the help of other board members she was able to create a freewebs KP site. It is located at

Past Times

Shegodrakkenfan1 is a very active girl. When she is not on the board she loves to draw. She has been drawing since she could pick up a pencil and someday hopes to become an artist at Disney. Kim Possible has had a great influence on her art. Shegodrakkenfan1's other passion is singing. When she was 4 she used to play My Little Pony songs in a cassette player and dance around in little circles. Although she is not trained, Shegodrakkenfan1 practices singing all the time. She had the opportunity to sing "What Dreams Are Made Of" At a 4th of July event and has sung many Kim Possible songs over the phone to Radio Disney. Shegodrakkenfan1 is also a toy collector and likes to go to flea markets and shop for more items to add to her collection.

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