My name is Shelby Kostelecky.

Xmas photos 034

Some people say I’m arrogant, inconsiderate or close minded. Although many of these things may be true, I have a strange opinion on many things. Thus, I’m going to create one of these things to express my opinions and so-forth.

I go by many names on the internet. Elecky-chan, Gore-chan, and sometimes Hitomi-Kun. I’m a mixture of races, I don’t know what I am exactly, but I hate the Americans. They smell.

I was born in raised in Dickinson, North Dakota, (Aka Hell). My lifestyle there was brutal and violent. My father was a heroin addict, and my mother was (Is) not very intelligent about the situation. My father took advantage of us, using himself as an icon of fear.

When I was ten, they got devoiced. The situation traumatized me a little, but I quickly got over it.

After all that, we moved to Billings, Montana (Aka, frozen hell). We live a peaceful and more less abundant life here, I guess you could say.

I’m not going to give out my age, or my gender to anyone on here. My real name is Selby, but it can be both a girl and a boy’s name. Where’s your god now?

I’m an ex.4chaner. I used to surf that website a lot, still do once in a while, but I never post.

I really hope some people read this, and am happy to say I’m starting one.

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