Shelka is a character from the Atrician campaign, Finest Hour.

Format: Dungeons & Dragons 3.5

Shelka Teeg
Abilities Base
Player "Ellis"
Race Gnome
Religion Sah-Eran
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Size Small
Gender Female
Class(es) Druid, Level 1
Experience 125/1000


Abilities Base Magic Total Modifier
Strength 10 0 10 +0
Dexterity 13 0 13 +1
Constitution 16 0 16 +3
Intelligence 14 0 14 +2
Wisdom 15 0 15 +2
Charisma 12 0 12 +1
Type AC Base DEX Armor Shield Magic Misc
Basic 17 10 1 3 2 0 1
Touch 12 10 1 - - 0 1
Flatfoot 16 10 - 3 2 0 1
Save Total Base Stat Misc
FOR +4 +2 +2 +0
REF +1 +0 +1 +0
WIL +4 +2 +2 +0

Character Information

  • Age: 78
  • Hair Colour: Shelka keeps her head shaven clean, though her natural is a chestnut brown. She does sport a ornate blue tattoo, however, running from her top of her skull down the back of her neck.
  • Eye Colour: Rich honey golden in color, with a spark of constant interest in them.
  • Height: 3ft 1in
  • Weight: 38 lbs
  • Appearance: A gaunt, thin woman, who seems constantly underfed. Preferring loose, simple clothing in natural colors, she tends to blend into a crowd unless carefully watched. She rarely wears heavy layers or other protections against the elements such as shoes. It appears, to anyone who has watched her over a period of time, that she simply doesn't notice the effects of the weather.
  • Birthplace: Beldrose
  • Father: Alth Teeg
  • Mother: Fryth Shrenan Teeg
  • Siblings: Shelka is the second youngest of four children.
    • Brothers: Fash, her older brother
    • Sisters: Shanlena, the oldest, also a professor. Lynn, the youngest.
  • Spouse: None.
  • Children: None
  • Rival: Mystina Tyren, another researcher who's work focus on curses
  • Best Friend: Aimon, her snake companion
  • Pet Peeve: People who prevent progress due to morals or traditions.
  • Phobias: Living in the wild as she has, Shelka has gained a healthy respect for out-of-control brush and forest fires...
  • Favorite Food: Smoked river pike, garnished with wild garlic and crushed spice peppers
  • Favorite Color: The color of the setting sun, over a glorious evening meal
  • Favorite Animal: Snakes
  • Quote: "Hmm... Now, THAT was interesting...”
  • Personality: A curious sort, Shelka travels ultimately in a pursuit of knowledge. Inquisitive over the reason behind things, she is is more worried about what caused a problem then how to fix it. Though not immoral or evil by any means, she is not above starting problems on her own if she thinks it might produce new or interesting results.

Personal History

Born to Alth and Fryth Teeg, Shelka grew up immensely curious of the world around her. Encouraged by her parents to enjoy learning, Shelka was a handful around the family's burrow, constantly bringing all manner of plants, stones, and little creatures to the home. A handful around her mothers neatly kept household, young Shelka spent much of her childhood outdoors, climbing trees, swimming in the nearby river, and a playing with both the other children and the local animals.

Growing older slowed down Shelka's hyperactivity some, though her wanderlust and love of the outdoors stayed firmly in place. It was while doing just that when she found Aimon, her loyal companion. While hiking one day, she found a young albino snake, wounded by a hungry wolf. Shelka lured the hunger creature off, sacrificing her lunch for the day in the process. Taking the wounded snake home, she nursed the poor thing back to full health, and he's been following her ever since. She has since developed her other magical skills in a similar fashion, picking up tricks and techniques piecemeal along her extensive travels and cobbling them together to make a surprisingly effective form of magic.

Shelka is employed as a researcher and itinerant professor at the Valeth Academy of Applied Magical Sciences, a university in northern Beldrose that dates to the days before the strife between Beldrose and Beldrocks. She works in the Medicinal and Anatomical Research branch of the Academy, and is a specialist in the realm of poisons and antidotes. She is rarely in her office, however, preferring research in the field. She has been known to clean up a little and teach a class from time to time, however, normally while recovering from a lengthy expedition or catching up with her family, who live in the area. This is also where she has most of her run ins with Mystina Tyren, a half-elvish woman who's research and stout defense of magical curses annoys Shelka in the the worst way. Though not a normally mischievous person, the confrontations the two staffers have are stuff of school legend.

Drawn from her quiet life of school and wandering, Shelka is taking her hopefully limited stay in the Beldrose military with an accepting outlook. As a convenient way to explore other customs and creatures, she is taking the mission as a ideal chance to begin a new research expedition.

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