Shelter Bay



The skyline of Shelter Bay, DI.

INFO: Shelter Bay is the largest city in Evergreen County, Douglas Island. It is the center in the Shelter Bay Metropolitan statistical area.

The city is the center of commerce and commercial needs for the northwest region. It has an international airport, seaports, a ferry system, freeway system, rail system, and transit system. It is one of the wealthiest areas on Douglas Island. Shelter Bay has been ranked one of the top cities to live on Douglas Island.


The downtown of Shelter Bay, DI.

The city is bordered to the south by Evergreen and Greenwood. To the east is the Evergreen Mountains, and surrounding the city to the north and west is the Pacific Ocean.


The original town plat of Shelter Bay, DI.

HISTORY: Shelter Bay was set up along the western shore of Shelter Bay. The city and bay have the same name. The city started with a town hall and center. The historic town hall was later moved piece by piece to be Evergreen's train station to save it from demolishment. The town had struggles of deciding a location for a seaport, which was later moved to the Point Shorewind District in the northeastern area of the city. The port was not a major industrial port, but for cleaner industries and fishing as well. Downtown formed with height restrictions that limited the growth of high rises but allowed for a dense downtown. The city started the first freeway system on Douglas Island as well as created the first major Airport in Evergreen. The city also built the first television and radio station services on Douglas Island followed by the first baseball stadium hosting the Shelter Bay Gulls baseball team.

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