TheBeckster1000's version of "Rudolph"

Cast video

  1. Young Shere Kahn as Rudolph (Young)
  2. Tigger as Rudolph
  3. Robin Hood as Heremy
  4. Tiger (An American Tale) as Sam Snowman
  5. Fox as Clarice
  6. Rabbit (Pooh) as Yukon
  7. Owl (Pooh) as Santa Clause
  8. Owl's girlfiend (Pooh) as Mrs. Clause
  9. Frair Tuck as Head Elf
  10. Shere Kahn as the Fireball
  11. Cat R. Waul as Snowmonster
  12. Miss Kitty as Mrs. Donner
  13. Bagheera as Donner
  14. Animals as Misfits from those Charecters:
  15. Little John as Moonracer
  16. Jim Crow as Charlie-in-the-box
  17. Gopher as Spotted Elephant
  18. Strawhat Crow as Dolly
  19. Basil as the Bird Fish
  20. Pooh as Cowboy
  21. Hubie as Train with Square Wheels
  22. Cocksworth as Boat that Sinks
  23. Lumiere as Gun squirting Jelly

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