He is a Character in The Jungle Book.
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Shere Khan

As Jafar in Dannyladdin

He is a Sorcerer

As Hades in Skunkules

He is a Villain

As The Indian Chief in Danny Pan

He is a Chief

As Hopper in A Cartoon Animal's Life

He is a Grasshopper

As Ratcliffe in Nalahontas

He is a Villain

As Prince Achmed in Tiggerladdin

He is a Prince

As Gaston in Beauty and the Beast (MichaelSar12IsBack Version)

He is a Villain

As One of the Pirates in Spongebob Pan

He is a Pirate

As Captain Hook in Eric Pan

He is a Pirate

As Caterpillar in Olivia in Wonderland

He is a Caterpillar

As Lots-O'-Huggin-Bear in Mammal Story 3

He is a Teddy Bear

As Stinky Pete in Jungle Story 2

He is a Toy

As Scar in The Bear King

He is a Lion

As King Herod in The Nativity Story (PrinceBalto Style)

He is an evil king.

As Steele in Simbalto

He is a sled dog.

As Firelord Ozai in Avatar: The Last Airbending Animal

He is an evil tyrant.

As Davy Jones in Animals Of The Caribbean

He is the evil ruler of the sea depths and captain of the Flying Dutchman.

As Sauron in The Animal Lord Of The Rings

He is a Dark Lord.

As Hulagu Khan in Tramp & The Forty Thieves

He is a Mongol warlord.

As Darth Malak in Star Wars: Animals Of The Old Republic

He is a Sith lord.

As Kaptain Skurvy in Krypto Kong Country

He is a pirate.

As Pharaoh Seti in The Prince Of Nome

He is a pharaoh.

As The Joker in Bathound: The Animated Series

He is an insane, evil clown.

As Ursula in The Little Human

He is a sea warlock.